Analytical scale models ABJ, available with verification option
Product description
Description For applications subject to verification, also request initial verification at the same time because it cannot be done later. Factory verification, we need place of installation with zip code. Indication of capacity. A rising strip of light indicates the weighing range still available 4-digit identification number, freely programmable via 2 keys Robust and stable metal cover Technical data: Additional technical measurement data: 627- ABJ220-4M Max measuring range: 220 g Reading d: 0.0001 g Reproducibility: 0.0001 g Linearity: ± 0.0002 g Stabilization time: 5 s Sensitive deviation (° C): 2 * 10 ^ -6 Housing dimensions WxDxH: 225x315x330 mm Housing material: metal Windshield WxDxH mm: inside: 190x159x225 mm Windshield material: glass Packaging dimensions WxDxH (mm): 500x390x535 Gross weight kg: 9 Net weight kg: 7 Weighing pan dimensions (Ø / AxP): 8 cm
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Analytical scale models ABJ, available with verification option - 97190

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USD 1049.1 - 1349.1 USD

Minimum order: 50 pcs

Supply ability: 1000 pcs/per month

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United Kingdom
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