Digital Thermostatic Oil Bath, 2.5 Litres, 1 Hole
Product description
Description Series Thermostatic oil bath with digital readout and regulation of temperature and time. Unlike water baths, which only reach 100 ° C oil baths evenly heated samples to 200 º C. They can operate in continuous mode or programmed via a digital timer to work in specific time periods, from 1min up to 9 hrs and 59 min. An acoustic signal marks the end of the selected time period and also indicates overheating of the bath when the temperature thereof exceeds 5 º C at the selected temperature. The high accuracy sensor accuracy is ± 1 º C and is divided scale of 1 º C. They have drain hose. SPECIFICATIONS: Reference / Code 50602003 Model 602 / 3 Capacity 3 L Practical measures 18x18x32 cm External dimensions 32x23x17 cm Holes 1 Weight 4 kg
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Digital Thermostatic Oil Bath, 2.5 Litres, 1 Hole - 97175

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