Fixed Head Stereomicroscope. 45 ° Tilted head
Fixed Head Stereomicroscope. 45 ° Tilted head
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Description Stereomicroscopes with fixed heads frontally inclined 45 °. Platina equipped with black and white disk contrast to sample clamps. In all models with transmitted light includes a frosted glass disc. All models with binocular head, have a system of regulation the interpupillary distance (between 51 and 75 mm). Compensation is adjustable diopter eyepiece tubes. Wide field eyepieces WF10x/20 mm. These models have wide 2x objective working distance (119 mm). The models with illumination for incident light or transmitted, have 12V/10W tungsten lamps. 230V/50Hz power supply. In all models, focus adjustment is by rack and pinion system with the use of knobs located on both sides of the bracket. Technical characteristics: Models "! Head Objective Illuminators 520-ST-50 Fijo - frontally inclined 45 ° Fixed-2x! Only incident 520-ST-50Led Fijo - frontally inclined 45 ° Fixed-2x! LED Optional accessories: Ref: 520-ST-001: Pair of Eye WF5x/22mm Ref: 520-ST-002: Pair of Eye WF10x/20mm Ref: 520-ST-003: Pair of Eye WF15x/15mm Ref: 520-ST-004: Pair of Eye WF20x/13mm Ref: 520-ST-005: Ocular micrometer WF10x/20 mm
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Fixed Head Stereomicroscope. 45 ° Tilted head - 97165

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