Spectrophotometer model 4255
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Description Spectrophotometer advanced optical performance and precise, its design ensures great stability and durability. Their detector (aligned with great accuracy) and the high quality of deuterium and halogen lamps increase the accuracy of the equipment throughout the spectral range covered. FEATURES: Alphanumeric keypad solvent-resistant seal. Deuterium lamp pre-aligned to facilitate change, the use and status of the lamps can be monitored. Includes sophisticated software tools (Windows ®). Ability to print graphics and tables of results in A4. Includes clock with date and time printable results. SPECIFICATIONS:    Reference 54255050  Model 4255  Long range. Wave 190-1100 nm  Bandwidth 2 nm  Optical-system! Single beam, grating 1200 lines / mm  Accuracy long. Wave ± 0.5 nm  Reproducibility long. Wave 0.3 nm  Sweep-Speed! High | Medium | Low, max. 3000 nm / min  Photometric range -0.3 To 3 A, 0 to 200% T; 0-9999 C  Photometric Accuracy ± 0.3% T  Photometric reproducibility ± 0.2% T  Diffuse-light! 0.05% T  Stability ± 0.002 A / h  Screen LCD (320x240 bits) or PC model  Consistency ± 0.002 A (200-1000 nm)  Lighting Source * Tungsten and deuterium lamps  -Detector! Silicon photodiode  Sub-samples! Buckets of 100 mm light path  Output USB and parallel ports (printer)  Food AC 220 V / 50 Hz  Dimensions 480x360x160 mm  Weight 16 Kg
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Spectrophotometer model 4255 - 97152

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