Sofa Tahoe
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Overall dimensions (W*H*D) (mm) 1920*870*930  Bed (mm) 1920*1050  Seat height (mm) 440  Seat depth (mm) 540 Description:  Transformation mechanism: Book  Frame: Plywood, coniferous timber (reinforced)  Seat elements and sleeping part: polyurethane foam and a block of flat springs "snake"  Upholstery material: microgunny, Oxford  Pillow filler: Sintepukh  Legs: Metal (silver) Features:  Removable cover  The set includes two pillows  There is no box for bedding  Additional pillows can be ordered + 400.00 rub/piece Volume - 0.7 cubic meters, weight - 45 kg Extra blanket - 2 500 rub.
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Sofa Tahoe - 93105

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