Overhaul of machine tools
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We carry out high-quality overhaul of metal-cutting and metal-working equipment, if necessary – modernization. We offer a full range of machine tool repair services. In the process of repairing machines, technical characteristics, accuracy parameters, as well as the appearance of machines that have served for many years, are completely restored, and outdated electrical equipment, elements of hydraulic and pneumatic systems, measuring devices and CNC are replaced with modern ones. When designing work on major repairs of the machine, it is provided not only for the replacement of worn and defective parts with new ones, but also for the use of new technologies in the manufacture of a particular unit, which allows you to achieve excellent accuracy indicators of the machine, increase its productivity and reduce energy supply. We perform maintenance. Preference is given to heavy machinery. The main activity is the overhaul of machine tools. We do not just provide high-quality repair of metal-cutting and metalworking equipment, we help to find the best options in each specific case. < p>The scope of activity includes: < p>- supply of machine tools and special equipment, spare parts and components for the machine-building, metallurgical, energy industry and railway transport; < / p> - development of projects and supply of equipment, preparation of technical documentation, supervision of installation and commissioning " turnkey"; - has experience in carrying out various types of repairs of metalworking machines, as well as performing commissioning works; < / p> - medium and major repairs, restoration of technical characteristics, modernization and automation of equipment; < / p> - we have extensive experience in the design and supply of equipment in the markets of Ukraine, Russia, and the CIS countries; < p>- the accumulated extensive experience in the selection and commissioning of high-precision equipment, its modernization and equipping with all kinds of auxiliary devices, as well as various electronic devices and CNC systems of the most famous foreign companies allows us to offer the customer modern high-quality products that can perform all the tasks set; - the company's products cover the main groups of heterogeneous metal-cutting and other technological equipment that has complex kinematics, complex electrical and hydraulic devices, as well as numerical control systems that make it possible to work according to the task program in automatic mode, with processing accuracy in the first and second class; < / p> - the supplied machines are heavy and unique metalworking machines, both manually operated and equipped with positional and contour numerical control systems; It is also possible to supply other models of machines not specified in this offer, according to your request. Our company has experience in the supply, modernization and repair of machine tools from various manufacturers, in particular: - supplies of components to machine-building plants; < p>- spare parts, repair, modernization and service of metal-cutting machines, including medium and heavy turning, boring, longitudinal milling, wheel-milling and wheel-turning, etc. < p>Services performed for metal-working machines: - repair; < p>- upgrade; - after-sales service; - restoration of machine tools; - machine tool diagnostics; - metalworking on CNC machines; - modernization of CNC machines; - adjustment of machines; - repair of metal-cutting machines; - services for the repair and modernization of lathes; - repair and maintenance services for equipment and machine tools with numerical control; - modernization of machine tools Development and design: - according to the technical specification of the customer, highly qualified specialists will develop the project for the manufacture and supply of equipment, carry out all the necessary calculations and prepare technical documentation. < p>Repair and modernization: - having a good production base, we make small, medium and major repairs of machine tools and other equipment. We perform technical characteristics restoration, modernization and automation. Major repairs include the following works: - repair, modification and manufacture of machine body parts;< / p> - manufacture and replacement of all worn parts and assemblies;< / p> - replacement of RTI, bearings, etc.; - repair, restoration and complete equipment of the electrical part of the machine; - restoration of all technical and precision parameters of the machine. - repairs are made according to the technical documentation and technological process. - we guarantee the quality of the work performed. - the warranty period is 12 months. < p>Supervision and commissioning: - our specialists will perform supervision and commissioning works, delivery of equipment on a turnkey basis.
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