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Бетон товарный в Ташкенте

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Supply ability: 500 Ton/per day

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The company offers ready-mix concrete with delivery across Tashkent, Chirchik, Keles, Kibray. Marks concrete M100 - M500. Cost of concrete with delivery (August 2019): М100 290000 sum / cubic meter М125 310000 sum / cube М150 334000soum / cube М175 361000soum / cube М200 380000 sum / cubic meter М225 400680sum / cube М250 414729sum / cube М275 438600sum / cube М300 453600 sum / cube М325 474120sum / cube М350 483840 sum / cube Aerated concrete building blocks 520000 sum / cubic meter Concrete pump services are also provided.
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