Газодинамический преобразователь
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An equipment manufacturer in Russia accepts orders for the development and supply of a device for improving the characteristics of any type of fuel (solid, liquid, gaseous) when burning at facilities from a boiler house of a small industrial enterprise to a large power plant. Fuel savings are up to 15%. Delivery of the device to any energy or industrial facility can be arranged within 4 - 5 months after the start of financing and the issuance of the necessary information on the corresponding energy facility. We also accept orders: - for the processing of oil, fuel oil, gas condensate to increase the yield of light fractions at refineries from 5% to 10% - for the processing of diesel fuel and gasoline to improve performance, including temperature. Potential customers of our services are: refineries and mini -Refinery, gas stations of all types, transport enterprises and divisions, boiler houses operating on liquid fuel. We invite you to contact us by email. Information about other products is available on the resource
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Газодинамический преобразователь - 36390

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Ташкент, Uzbekistan
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