Panel air filters
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Are intended for rough cleaning of the air given in systems of ventilation and air conditioning. The filter material is protected on both sides by a metal or plastic mesh. It is installed, as a rule, in places where large fractions (stones) can hit the filter, as well as when there is not enough space for the filter. Filter designation scheme — FVP-G4-W x H x Lr, where: FVP — panel air filter; G4 - filter class; W is the filter width; H is the height of the filter; Lr is the frame width. When ordering, please inform: — Filter class — Filter frame width (corresponds to the niche space, i.e. the length of the guides, W) — Filter frame height (corresponds to the distance between the installation guides, H) — Frame width (corresponds to the seat in the guides, L2) Let's make according to the individual sizes. Favorable prices from the manufacturer. We organize delivery in the CIS.
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Panel air filters - 91853

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