Стройматериалы для строительных объектов Москвы и России - 36384

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Minimum order: 20 m2

Supply ability: 1 m2/per day

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The organization accepts orders from managers of construction sites for the supply of the following types of materials: 1 In Moscow and the Moscow region: Sand, sand salt, technical salt, crushed stone, screening, expanded clay, cold asphalt, peat soil, coal. Delivery in volumes of 20m3, 25m3, 34m3 2 Across Russia: Crushed stone granite, gravel, limestone of all demanded fractions. Delivery by railway transport. 3 In the south of the Moscow region. Limestone crushed stone 20/40, 40/70. Cost - 1350 rubles / m3 with delivery (October 2018) 4 Self-call. Quarry sand. Cost 250 rubles / m3 To calculate the total cost of the order, please indicate the information: Name of the required material Volume of material Requirements for the material (fraction, strength grade, group) Possibility (or lack of possibility) of round-the-clock acceptance of cargo Possibility of travel for Tonars (large-capacity vehicles) Payment form ( cash, bank transfer) Terms (or day) of delivery Delivery address Customer's email Customer's phone number We invite you to contact us by email.
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