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USD 6.69 - 8.01/pcs
Tide powder is suitable for washing in any type of machine. The components included in the composition allow the use of a small amount of the product. The powder effectively removes various stains, preserves the colors of things and achieves excellent whiteness without boiling. The product protects the washing machine from scale and lime deposits and gives the laundry a fresh scent.
USD 7.75 - 45.27/pcs
ARIEL washing powder for colored clothes helps to cope with old stains. Impeccable cleanliness and a pleasant aroma of clothes give a great mood and self-confidence, so it is very important to pay due attention to washing. This is what ARIEL washing powder was created for. Aquapowder dissolves as soon as it touches the water, and is instantly activated: it removes stubborn stains, penetrating deep into the structure of the fibers, and does not allow dirt to eat in. The powder eliminates odor-causing contaminants such as sweat and body odor, leaving clothes pleasantly scented and radiantly clean, even on shirt collars and cuffs. Flawless stain removal from the first wash even at 30 degrees. The powder dissolves quickly without leaving marks on clothes. No phosphates or chlorine are used. Now your favorite things will last even longer.
USD 4.41 - 19.73/pcs
Myth perfectly washes various stains even in cold water. Because the Myth contains special enzymes that start working even at low temperatures. In case of hypersensitivity and skin damage, avoid prolonged contact with any detergents. Not suitable for washing wool and silk items.
USD 12.62 - 45.41/pcs
Replaceable cassette vest fusion is the next technology - 5 shaving blades, which replaced the Mach3 and Mach3 Turbo line. With the Fusion Series, the blades are even closer together to help reduce pressure for the best shaving experience. Unlike the Mach3 line, it has 5 more advanced blades, instead of 3.
USD 3.1 - 3.71/pcs
A biodegradable, concentrated, delicately scented cottonseed conditioner balm leaves laundry soft and dries quickly after washing. The product has an antistatic effect, and the complex of vegetable K-surfactants contained in it ensures easy ironing of clothes. Efficiency confirmed in Germany. Thanks to an innovative component in the composition - cellulase - the balm-conditioner helps to preserve the original appearance of the linen, prevents the appearance of pellets and lint, as well as the destruction of the fabric structure, restoring the brightness of colors and the smoothness of the surface of fabrics. Vegetable biolipid reduces the risk of skin irritation and helps to restore its lipid layer. Balm-conditioner is suitable for washing children's clothes 0+ and clothes of people with sensitive skin, removes detergent residues from fabrics. It is hypoallergenic and consists of 99% natural ingredients.
USD 4.33 - 5.18/pcs
What mood would you like to plunge into today: luxurious, dreamy, invigorating or gentle? Find your mood in the new Lenor Parfumelle collection. Give in to luxury. Pure indulgence. Precious floral notes of orchid are harmoniously combined with refined hints of vanilla, complemented by sensual notes of amber. Fabric softener gives your laundry a luxurious, long-lasting fresh scent for up to 1 week. With Lenor Rinse, your favorite clothes will last even longer: proven Anti-Age3 technology protects the fabric from fading, fading and pilling, so that clothes stay looking their best for longer and feel softer. In addition, Lenor fabric softener has antistatic properties and facilitates ironing. Dermatologically tested Luxurious lasting freshness - fresh bed every night for up to 1 week. Protects clothes from 3 signs of aging: loss of shape, fading and pilling to make your favorite clothes last longer Clothes are less wrinkled, iron better, dry faster and less electrified Leaves clothes softer and more comfortable Dermatologically tested
USD 2.91 - 3.48/pcs
Lenor fabric softener will give clothes exceptional freshness and softness. After washing, linen wrinkles less, it is easier to iron, it becomes more comfortable to wear. And thanks to the high concentration, the consumption of Lenor is much less than when using a conventional product.
USD 2.98 - 3.56/pcs
Concentrated fabric softener with Almond Milk fragrance 100% washes out of fabric fibers and leaves an unobtrusive fragrance after washing. The composition of the product is natural, created from plant components. Suitable for washing any fabric, including baby clothes.
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