conditioner concentrate Lenor in assortment 1.8l /6
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What mood would you like to plunge into today: luxurious, dreamy, invigorating or gentle? Find your mood in the new Lenor Parfumelle collection. Give in to luxury. Pure indulgence. Precious floral notes of orchid are harmoniously combined with refined hints of vanilla, complemented by sensual notes of amber. Fabric softener gives your laundry a luxurious, long-lasting fresh scent for up to 1 week. With Lenor Rinse, your favorite clothes will last even longer: proven Anti-Age3 technology protects the fabric from fading, fading and pilling, so that clothes stay looking their best for longer and feel softer. In addition, Lenor fabric softener has antistatic properties and facilitates ironing. Dermatologically tested Luxurious lasting freshness - fresh bed every night for up to 1 week. Protects clothes from 3 signs of aging: loss of shape, fading and pilling to make your favorite clothes last longer Clothes are less wrinkled, iron better, dry faster and less electrified Leaves clothes softer and more comfortable Dermatologically tested
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conditioner concentrate Lenor in assortment 1.8l /6 - 78668

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Supply ability: 99920 pcs/per month

IP Vergun A.N.
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