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NDR-2M 400/63 diaphragm dosing pump - 59241

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Pump membrane dosing units NDR-2M are designed for volumetric pressure head dosing of neutral and aggressive liquids, emulsions and suspensions.

The area of ​​application of the membrane dosing unit is determined by the resistance of the materials of the flow path in the dosing medium and the design of the electrical equipment.

Membrane pumping dosing unit NDR-2M can be used for dosing hazardous substances, flammable and combustible liquids, provided that safety rules are observed. To improve reliability, the diaphragm metering pump NDR-2M is equipped with a two-layer membrane made by & nbsp; from processed PTFE .

8 advantages of the NDR-2M membrane dosing pump:

1. Tightness.

During operation of the NDR-2M pump, leakage of the pumped and working fluid is completely excluded.

2. Possibility of regulation without stopping the pump.

& nbsp; The design of the NDR-2M pump provides pump running time.

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3. Ease of operation and maintenance.

& nbsp; In the pump NDR-2M & nbsp; no need to constantly monitor and maintain & nbsp; seal the plunger as it does with LP plunger pumps. & nbsp;

4. Wear-resistant valve.

Diaphragm pump valves are specially designed for long-term operation in contact with aggressive media. Their service life is significantly longer than on conventional & nbsp; pumps ND.

5. The pump can operate at high pressures up to 100 MPa.

Many diaphragm pump manufacturers cannot achieve this.

6. Membrane condition monitoring system.

If the membrane is damaged, the control system will inform about it. Even in the event of a diaphragm rupture, the pump remains operational until the end of the process. Both a pressure gauge and electronic devices can serve as an alarm, which will report a problem to the control station.

7. Safety system

In the event of blockage in the outlet piping due to faults or errors, a built-in valve will protect the pump from overload.

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Favorable price level achieved through our own production

Technical characteristics of NDR-2M 400/63:

& nbsp; Flow rate-400 l / h;

Pressure at the pump outlet - 63 kgf / cm2;

Engine-3 kW 1500 rpm;

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