Pipe SLT Aqua PP-R PN16 (SDR 7,4)
Product description
Pressure pipes made of random copolymer polypropylene, reinforced with a composition of polypropylene and fiberglass, with a maximum design pressure in the system not exceeding 1.6 MPa. Designed for cold water and hot water supply systems with an operating water temperature of up to 70 ° С and heating systems, including high-temperature ones, with a heating agent operating temperature up to 80 ° С. The maximum temperature of the coolant is 90 ° C. For operating class 5, the operating pressure is limited: not higher than 0.6 MPa. Low coefficient of linear thermal expansion. Nominal diameter, mm 20 Wall thickness, mm 2.8 Inner diameter, mm 14.4 < / tr> Weight, kg / m
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Pipe SLT Aqua PP-R PN16 (SDR 7,4) - 23051

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