Perforated hose "Sprinkler"
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At any summer cottage there are always agricultural crops that need frequent and abundant watering. Bypassing all the plants with heavy buckets is a tedious task. Leaving the hose with the water turned on all day unattended is dangerous, because the water jet can flood the plants and erode the beds and lawns. Continuous and comfortable watering of the plants on the site can be ensured with the help of a perforated "Sprinkler" hose from the company "Will"! One end of the hose is connected to a water supply or pumping station. At the other end there is a plug, removing which you can quickly drain the water from the hose. The length of the hose is 15 meters. You can place it in the area between the beds and on the lawns. The holes in the hose are located on both sides, so some of the water will be directed to the roots, and the other will be sprayed on top of the plant. The holes are evenly spaced for even watering along the entire length. You can connect a controller to the perforated hose.
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Perforated hose "Sprinkler" - 15497

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