Lenta Super Fix
Lenta Super Fix
Lenta Super Fix
Lenta Super Fix
Product description
Benefits of Lenta super fix Waterproof can be used underwater; Super strong connection can fasten objects weighing up to 50 kg; Works on almost any flat surface (plastic, metal, wood, tile, stone, ceramics, brick, concrete, glass, tarpaulin, etc.); The tape is not afraid of temperature changes and moisture will become an inconspicuous thing in home repairs; Triple Thickness + Super Strong Adhesive; Waterproof even under water; Seals parts of complex shape; Can be cut into pieces Resistant to UV rays and various temperatures. Why it is worth buying a wide waterproof adhesive tape with super strong fixation Super Fix tape to buy right now: Such a thing is useful in the household for both men and women. And ease of use will allow even a child to use the tape. Super fix tape forms such a strong bond that it can be used without shutting off the water on wet surfaces and even underwater. Cold and heat are also not afraid of Super Fix, so it can be used almost anywhere: on the street or in the house, for domestic or professional purposes. Super Fix Tape, the duct tape that will fix just about anything, is a real lifesaver for domestic emergencies. Super Fix adhesive tape can be applied to any surface texture, shape and condition - cold or hot, wet or dry.
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Lenta Super Fix - 77431

1.07 USD/pcs 1.07 USD

Minimum order: 1000 pcs

Supply ability: 10000 pcs/per day

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