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USD 36.0/pcs 36.0
Cooling pad: padding area made of corrugated paper, depth 60 mm, thickness 15 cm X60 groove height 150 cm Corrugated paper 60 mm deep and 10 cm thick X60 groove height 100 cm
USD 30.0/pcs 30.0
thermostat Output: 10A dry contact power; input: 220V AC temperature range: -50.0 ° C & nbsp; 110.9 & deg; C control range: -50.0 & deg; ~ 110.9 & deg; accuracy: & plusmn; 0.1 & deg; C sense: & nbsp; NTC10K watertight sensor cable length: 1m lengths: 85x60x30mm
USD 50.0/pcs 50.0
hygrostat output: 10A dry contact power input: 220V AC humidity measuring range: 0.0% to 99.0% control range: 0.0% 99.0% accuracy: ± 2% sensor cable length: 1m Dimensions: 85x60x30mm
USD 2385.0/pcs 2385.0
; l & ccedil; controls target fogging. R & uuml; zg and rain sensors keep windows closed during stormy and rainy weather. & Uuml; can be remotely managed from computers and smartphones using a web browser . Any other senses you want (light, carbon dioxide) and control programs (fan, honeycomb, curtain, carbon dioxide) can be added for additional fee. THE DELIVERY IS IN 1 WEEK FROM THE DELIVERY RATE.
USD 450.0 - 550.0/pcs
EvoTech 22 kw electric fan heater provides excellent heating from 100 square meters to 380 square meters, and stands out with its robust structure and universal components in the industrial fan heaters category.

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