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USD 2.5/pcs 2.5
Hanks from 60m to 200m. The total volume is 3000 meters. Used rubber-cable tape width 1700mm thickness 22mm.24mm
Юрга, Russia
USD 1440.55/pcs 1440.55
Tedder rake, roller, for raking grass into swaths, 9 wheels, working width 6 m, middle wheel for additional swelling of the swath, to prevent sticking and debate. Complete with pins (on impellers): 6 mm, or 7 mm 1. Impellers and transport wheels on cast hubs with double-row bearings. 2. Specially heat-treated spring steel paired teeth on the impellers ensure long-term operation, and the special geometry of the teeth allows torsion in two planes without breakage even when stones are hit. The spring pins are certified. 3. The main mechanisms of the rake - the frame and the drawbar - are made of special square pipes, which give the whole structure special strength. 4. The hydraulic cylinder c 80.40.400 is a 4-fold power reserve. 5. Convenience and speed of transferring the rake working sections from the working position to the transport position and vice versa; the complexity of the transfer from the "raking" operation to the "tedding" operation and vice versa has been reduced. 6. High-quality performance of all operations: raking and tedding of hay, wrapping rolls, as well as doubling rolls with their linear density up to 2 kg / rm. m. and higher quality in comparison with GVV-6.0 performance of the "tedding" operation (the furredness of plants after tedding was 55% - according to the requirements of agricultural production, not less than 30%); 7. The wheel rim is not rigidly connected to the hub disc; 8. The vertical arrangement of the impellers makes it easy to adapt to any ground contours. 9. Transfer from the transport position to the working position and back is carried out using the hydraulic unit from the driver's cab; 10. Convenience of transportation on public roads: high maneuverability in transport position; Rakes - tedders GVV-6.1 swaths are designed for raking dried grass from swaths into swaths, tedding it in swaths and wrapping swaths. The rake is used for harvesting sown grasses, as well as grasses of natural hayfields with a yield of more than 10 c / ha on the plains with a mass moisture of 25 to 80%. Provides high quality collection of grass (including alfalfa) in a loose, non-twisted swath. The rake is aggregated with wheeled tractors of 0.6 - 1.4 t class. The drive of the working bodies (impellers) is carried out due to their adhesion to the soil. Main units: section left and right with a set of impellers; coupling; beam; section lifting mechanism. The left and right sections are similar in structure. Each section consists of a bar, two attachments and four impellers, in the center of the frame there is an additional attachment with one wheel, also raised by a hydraulic cylinder. Technical specifications. GVV-6,1 grade Type Wheeled-finger trailed Coverage, m 6.0 The highest productivity per hour of clean work, ha / h 8.62 Working speed, km / h, no more than 12 Transport speed, km / h, no more than 20 Weight, kg, no more than 400 Overall dimensions of two sections in the assembly, mm, no more when raking: length 4900 width 8000 height 1400 when tedding: length 4900 width 9400 height 1400 in transport position: length 5000 width 2400 height 3500 Track width in transport position, mm, no more than 2000 Number of sections, pcs 2 The total number of impellers on the machine, pcs. nine Drive of the impellers Due to the adhesion of the spring tines to the soil It is aggregated with tractors MTZ-50 (52), MTZ-80 (82), YuMZ-6, T-40, T-30, T-25A
Юрга, Russia
USD 2439.02/pcs 2439.02
We produce the KRN-2.1 tractor mower of the following modifications and a whole set of spare parts for it: Rotary mounted mower KRN 2.1: price 140-148 thousand rubles.Rotary road mower KRN 2.1D: price 162 thousand rubles. Appointment KRN-2.1The mounted mower is designed for mowing sown and natural grasses in a unit with an MTZ type tractor (classes 0.9 and 1.4) at high forward speeds with laying the mowed mass into a swath. The KRN-2.1 mower is hung from the rear on the rods of the hinged system of the tractor. The mower blade has four working rotors, to which two blade knives are hinged each, which cut the grass. The rotors rotate in pairs towards each other. The mower is driven from the PTO of the tractor power take-off through the cardan shaft, overrunning clutch, V-belt transmission, reducer and rotor gears. Idling of rotors and gear mechanisms at the moment of disengagement of the tractor PTO shaft is provided by an overrunning clutch. KRN 2.1 mower device The separation of the cut mass from the non-cut grass stand is carried out by a field divider. The transfer of the mower to the transport position is provided by the hydraulic system and the installation of the transport link in the working position, in which it rigidly fixes the mower blade raised at an angle. The mower is serviced by a tractor driver The KRN-2,1 mower has the following technical characteristics:Characteristics Mower KRN-2,1Characteristics of working bodies4 rotors with two bevelling knivesCoverage, m 2.1Weight without spare parts and packaging, no more, kg 510 +/- 16Rotor speed, rpm 1980 ... 2060Overall dimensions, mm:working position:- length, mm 3550 + 35- width, mm 2085 + 20- height, mm 1380 + 15transport position:- length, mm 4910 + 50- width, mm 2350 + 25- height, mm 2665 + 25Drive from tractor PTOThe number of revolutions of the tractor PTO shaft, rpm 540Cutting height of plants, on sown grasses, mm 6 +/- 2Number of service personnel, persons 1 tractor driverWorking speed, no more, km / h 15Transport speed, no more, km / h 30Tractor track width, mm 1400 ... 1800Transport clearance, not less, mm 280 Documents for the mower KRN 2.1:Certificate of conformity for the KRN-2.1 mower from 05/21/2019Test report for the KRN-2.1 mower from 05/21/2019Catalog of parts and assembly units for the KRN 2.1 mower
USD 533.54/pcs 533.54
Self-adhesive label applicator Lm (labeler, labeling machine, labeling machine, labeling machine) for cylindrical containers, manual. Robust steel construction. Universal device for applying self-adhesive labels.
Магнитогорск, Russia
USD 1.08 - 10792.68/pcs
Own production of tracks, chains, wheels, rollers for bulldozers of Russian, Chinese and Japanese production: T-170, DT-75, Shantiu, Komatsu, Caterpillar, as well as for crawler excavators EO, Hitachi, Hyundai, etc. What gives us opportunity to sell you at the lowest price on the market. We can make track chains for tractors in 203 and 216 mm increments. We can carry out individual orders - tracks and chains on request of the customer (after preliminary measurements and further coordination of the drawings) Our company is certified according to the quality management system ISO 9001: 2008. For tracks, chains, rollers, wheels, we provide quality passports with an indication of the warranty period of work. By concluding a contract with us (or a contract), you get: wholesale prices, convenient work schedule, personal manager, everything you need in one place, reporting documentation, quick deliveries so that the equipment does not stand idle. We operate at a zero (VAT-0%) value-added tax rate, i.e. we have the opportunity to conclude contracts with non-residents of the Russian Federation and ship products for export.
Альметьевск, Russia
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Мы начинаем подготовку массового производства легковых автоприцепов. Первую партию хотим выпустить в конце этого года. Рады сотрудничеству. Все вопросы можно обсудить по телефону 89046625510. Почта

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