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For disinfection of water in the Pool "April-Bas" 5 l - 63011

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Minimum order: 10 pcs

Supply ability: 100 pcs/per month

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In contrast to chlorine and ozone, means "Aprilia-Bas" is not an oxidizing agent, its mechanism of action of the biocide on different microorganisms.

The product has disinfecting properties: it is also used to clarify water and prevent the appearance of algae. A good flocculant, removes suspended metals, mechanical impurities, has coagulant properties. Possesses antimicrobial activity against bacteria, fungi and viruses. Keeps its properties for a long time during storage, allows you to protect the pool water for a much longer period than "volatile" oxidants. Safe to use.

  • Chlorine free
  • Coagulates suspended metals
  • Good flocculant
  • Safe to drain into soil
  • Kills fungus and bacteria
  • Safe for people

Description: The "April-BAS" liquid concentrate is a clear liquid from colorless to light brown. Slight precipitation is allowed during storage.

Composition: Prepared water, a complex of active substances for coagulation and water disinfection.

When cleaning and disinfecting the water of swimming pools, fountains and artificial reservoirs (hereinafter referred to as the processed object), it is necessary to take into account the features associated with the operation of these objects. Efficiency directly depends on the quality of the filtration and circulation systems, as well as on the quality of water treatment activities.

Shelf life: In unopened manufacturer's packaging is 3 years. The product retains its properties when frozen and thawed.

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