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Refrigeration compressor 2FVBS4 / II OM4 - 46977

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The compressor 2FVBS4 / II OM4 is one of the main elements of the refrigeration unit and is used to carry out a continuous refrigeration cycle by constantly aspirating the refrigerant vapor from the evaporator and compressing them to a condensing pressure. Designed to work as part of automated ship refrigeration units and air conditioners. NAME OF PARAMETERS \ MODEL REFRIGERATING COMPRESSOR 2FVBS4 / II OM4 Compressor type freon compressor vertical, piston, single-stage, bezreztskopfny glandless. Cooling capacity, kW (kcal / h) 5.2 (4500) Power consumption, kW 2.2 Volume described by pistons, m3 / h 20.6 Cooling capacity and effective power are indicated in the mode, ° C when working on R-12 in the mode: boiling point minus 15 ° С, condensation temperature 30 ° С, suction vapor temperature 20 ° С liquid temperature in front of the throttle device 25 ° С Type of built-in electric motor АПВ2-41-6Ф Electric motor power, kW 2,1 Supply voltage, V 380 Rod alternating current, 3-phase Current frequency, Hz 50 Diameter of cylinder, mm 67.5 mm Ho d piston, mm 50 mm Number of cylinders, pcs 2 Synchronous speed, s-1 (r / min) 16.7 (1000) Volume described by pistons, m3 / h 20.6 Refrigerant R-12 Brand of used oil ХФ12- 16 Amount of refilled oil, kg 2.5 ± 5% Weight (dry) of the compressor, kg 130 Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 595 x 370 x 455
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