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Compressors for car transporters

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Designed for unloading eight- and fifteen-ton auto-carriers. The compressor is installed instead of the rotary vane, in comparison with which it has a number of advantages: increased reliability and long service life, provided structurally due to the absence of friction surfaces in the working chamber; there is no need to use a filter and an oil separator, since there is no lubrication in the flow part of the compressor; the unloading time of an eight-ton auto-carrier is no more than 20 minutes, fifteen-ton - 40 minutes. NAME OF PARAMETERS \ MODEL COMPRESSOR GEAR 3AF51K55T Final working pressure, kgf / cm2 1,1 Productivity under suction conditions, m3 / min 4,5 Power consumption at working pressure, kW 14,8 Oil consumption for ablation, g / h 0,45 Compressor shaft rotation frequency, rpm 2700 Air temperature at the compressor outlet, ° С 145 Weight, kg 652 Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 1330 x 655 x 940
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