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Pumping station ISTOK-NS from the manufacturer

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ISTOK-NS pumping stations are produced on the basis of Russian and imported pumps; with Russian pumps - an inexpensive and maintainable option, with SAER pumps - the best option in terms of price-quality ratio, with GRUNDFOS pumps - for the most reliable solutions. As part of pumping stations, pumps from Pedrollo, WILO, Ebara and others can be used. As part of the pumping stations, components are used that have been selected for seven years and have shown themselves to be reliable and affordable. These are pumps from well-known manufacturers (for example SAER IR40-200NB), compact butterfly valves (for example, ADL ZPVS-FL-3-100-MN-E on the discharge pipe and ZPVS-FL-3-125-MN-E on the suction pipe), flanged check valves (for example ADL CV16-100), flat welded flanges according to GOST 12820-80, blind flanges (plugs) according to GOST 12820, tees according to GOST 17376-2001 and bends, steel water and gas pipes according to GOST 3262-75 (primed and painted ), threads, ball and three-way valves for connecting instrumentation and water sampling, pressure gauges, as well as various structural elements that ensure the reliability and compact placement of the pump station units. All pumping stations can be manufactured both on a frame and in a block insulated container with lighting and automatic heating. The container can be ground or recessed. Warranty: 12 months for pumping stations with domestic pumps 24 months for pumping stations with imported pumps
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