Cuticle spatula universal DORIVA 1
Product description
A scapula for pushing back cuticles and treating ingrown toenail corners. Requires a certain skill to apply. No service required. For sterilization cleaning of instruments, disinfection is reconditioned. means "Gigasept instrument", produced by the German company Shulke and Mayer or domestic analogue "Trimitsin-EM", produced by LLC "Meddezpharm", Moscow. The tool is designed for a long period (more than three years) of operation, subject to high-quality service (sharpening). You can buy manicure scoops for cuticles in our online store of manicure products. Characteristics Working part material: stainless steel 95X18, GOST 5632-72 .: TU 9692-001-11597662-2007. Microhardness of the working part: HRC 56-57 .: Handle material: stainless steel 12Х18Н9Т, GOST 18143-72.
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Cuticle spatula universal DORIVA 1 - 9254

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