Power supply unit for electric knife 220V / 12V / 70W.
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Power supply unit for electric knife If you use an electric knife, honeycomb printer, or other similar devices that require a 12 volt power supply, then this power supply will be easy for you is necessary. It converts the 220V mains voltage to the required 12V. There is a regulator on the power supply unit that allows you to set the output voltage in the range from 12 - 16 V. Plus such a power supply, in front of homemade counterparts, there is its safety, it is reliably isolated by a strong plastic case from moisture ingress into it, and completely eliminates the possibility of accidental contact with bare contacts. Features: Power supply 70W. < tr> Mains voltage 220 V. Output voltage 12 - 17 V. Height 60 mm. Width 70 mm. Length 150 mm. Power cord length 1.5 m. < / td> Weight 150g
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Power supply unit for electric knife 220V / 12V / 70W. - 15326

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