Smoker (stainless)
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Smoker (stainless) A special device for fumigating bees with smoke. It is used to pacify bees when examining bee colonies (bees begin to be guided by the instinct of self-preservation in the event of a fire - they begin to intensively consume honey for a possible long flight to a safe place and lose the ability to bend their abdomen and actively sting). The base of the smoker is made of a body made of cylindrical stainless steel sheet with a tapered cover and a flame arrester (round plate with holes). Inside the body there is a perforated stainless steel glass with a diameter of 90 mm. and a height of 135 mm. Furs are attached to the body. Smoker's bellows are made of leather, two wooden plates, galvanized linings. Smoker's height 250 mm. < tr> Diameter 93 mm. Fur material genuine leather < tr> Weight 950 g
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