Sieve filter (stainless steel) 150
Sieve filter (stainless steel) 150
Sieve filter (stainless steel) 150
Product description
Sieve filter 150 The honey obtained after pumping out of the frames with the help of a honey extractor contains a lot of foreign debris (wax from the frames, bees, waste of bees). Such honey is unlikely to be bought by anyone; drinking such contaminated honey will also not bring much pleasure. A filter is used to clean honey from debris. The filter is installed on any container, and honey is passed through it, in the process of passing the honey through the filter mesh, all unwanted debris remains on it, and pure honey enters the container. The filter set includes two sections with a coarse and a fine mesh. The lower support section has a sliding support frame. SPECIFICATIONS Rim material Stainless steel AISI 304 Mesh material Stainless steel AISI 304 Diameter 150 mm. Number of sections 2 First section cell 3 mm. Cell of the second section 1 mm.
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Sieve filter (stainless steel) 150 - 15329

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