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Ареометр АСП-1 (40...50)

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Professional glass hydrometer for determining the volume fraction of alcohol (from 40 to 50%) in a solution of alcohol in water. The device is very easy to operate, it can be used for laboratory and industrial research, at quality control stations, at home.

If the rules of use are followed, the alcohol meter allows you to accurately determine the concentration of alcohol in an aqueous solution. The hydrometer is lowered into the liquid with the graduated side up, so that it does not touch the walls of the vessel. The temperature of the test solution should be close to 20 ° C - the temperature of the factory calibration of the device. The less impurities in the solution (except for water and alcohol), the more accurate the result will be. The alcohol content should be read on a scale along the lower edge of the meniscus.

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