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Paint for standard titers

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The striker is a glass rod with sharp cone-shaped tips on both sides and a bulge in the middle. This thickening does not allow the striker to pass through the funnel into the flask with the solution being prepared and prevents fragments of the ampoule from entering the flask.

Material: durable glass.

Method of application: a funnel is inserted into the flask in which a solution with a standard titer will be prepared, a striker is inserted into the funnel. An ampoule is placed on top of it, with a recess on the tip. Hold the ampoule with your hands. Depending on the shape of the ampoule, another firing pin is placed on the upper recess and hit on it so as to pierce the ampoule from both sides. Sometimes they act differently: the ampoule is struck on the striker, breaking its bottom, and then from the side they strike with another striker into a special depression, breaking it from above. The ampoule, glass fragments and funnel are thoroughly washed with distilled water from a washing bottle. The amount of water should be 6 times the volume of the ampoule. Next, the solution is prepared according to the instructions.


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