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Лоток прямоугольный 400х300х40

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The medical tray for instruments and manipulations is useful in a hospital, laboratory, in everyday life. Design features: the tray has a rectangular shape, is not equipped with a lid. Its capacity is 3 liters, length 40 cm, width 30 cm, depth 4 cm. The upper edge is equipped with a flat edging and is injury-free.

Material: the product is made of robust and chemically resistant stainless steel, durable, resistant to disinfectants and high temperatures. The tray can be autoclaved, mechanically or dry cleaned.

Rectangular medical tray is used to store barbed or cutting edge surgical instruments, thermometers, pipettes; for the distribution of medicines to wards; to prepare instruments for various manipulations in treatment rooms or directly in wards.

TU 9451-002-70373441-2005
Registration certificate No. FSR 2010/07887 dated May 27, 2010


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400х300х40 mm
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