BSE Glove
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SENSO X GLOV is a breast lump detection glove device developed based on science for one hand wearing. SENSO X GLOV’S design enhances sliding motion and reduces the friction produced by finger movement and by increasing finger sensitivity for lumps and unknown needle shape formation. SENSO X GLOV is certified and recommended by prestigious Cancer Hospitals. It’s safe and private, fast and convenient. Carry out regular breast self examination (BSE) to keep health of breasts. Early discovery and treatment are vital. SENSO X GLOV spares you the awkwardness of baring breast for examination. SENSO X GLOV “Breast Lump Detection Glove” remind all women to prevent breast cancer, building the concept of prediction. The product is easy to use, safe, convenient, fast and private. SENSO X GLOV is convenient to carry and can be used repeatedly.
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BSE Glove - 74539

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