Dry Gel Ice packs Sheets
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PRODUCT INTRODUCTION The yields of research and technology has arrived at TEKNO-ICE®- a revolutionary product taking packaging out of the Ice Age. An effective alternative to conventional ice, TEKNO-ICE® is made from specially-treated non-woven fabric on one side and the other layer is an opaque Polyester polyethylene (P.P.E.) encapsulated between these two layers in a unique super-absorbent powder. Super absorbent powder selectively processed from acrylic resins for optimal water retention. TEKNO-ICE® is finding ready acceptance in packing Pharmaceutical product, Veterinary products, Seafood, Fruit and Vegetable, Meat and Poultry, Flowers, Ice cream, Chocolates, Mushroom and Herbals etc. When produced, TEKNO-ICE® is made in a square “cellular” form, and being grooved, it is intrinsically flexible so as to allow the product to be wrapped around the item being packed. Sold in an un-hydrated state, TEKNO-ICE® is lightweight and compact for ease of handling. Once immersed in water, each TEKNO-ICE® “cell” will absorb a specific quantity of water and it will then be ready for freezing. TEKNO-ICE® has 3 important attribute making it invaluable as an aid to temperature control in packaging – freeze factor, flexibility and fluid retention.
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