2000L Alembic Handmade Copper Still Leaf Distillation Equipment
2000L Alembic Handmade Copper Still Leaf Distillation Equipment
2000L Alembic Handmade Copper Still Leaf Distillation Equipment
2000L Alembic Handmade Copper Still Leaf Distillation Equipment
Product description
Technical specifications Quantity 1 X 2000L Distiller model: DG1800 Diameter: 1800mm Material: high-quality copper, highly polished and smooth (quality is subject to hammering quality), 4mm firm Filling capacity: 2000 liters (approximately 530 US gallons) Filling port: diameter 400mm Discharge: 200 mm diameter and 4" ball valve Indirect heating: stainless steel heat preservation steam bath or stainless steel heat preservation water bath Stainless steel condenser: diameter 220mm, height 1500mm, with thermostatic regulating valve automatic cooling safety function: overflow, vacuum circuit breaker, pressure gauge, automatic exhaust, trap and dust filter. Alcohol tube, distilled water, water outlet device of the water outlet device: completely made of stainless steel Quantity 1 X Vodka Series Whiskey-shaped helmet: with stainless steel flange connection, no visible screws or washers inside and outside. 800mm in diameter, about 800mm in height, with observation glasses and thermometer Internal psychological channel The cooling water collection tank is used as the foundation of the column Side mounted distillation tower Double fractionation system Quantity 18 X Bubble Hat Special distillation tower diameter 400-500mm The liquid level of the distillation pan can be adjusted freely-the alcohol content and aroma of the distilled mash can be flexibly adjusted. A pre-condenser is included in the column head (fractionator). Inspection mirror: each blister and saccharification reflux has 4 observation windows with a diameter of 125mm Quantity 1 X stirrer> 600L still Stirrer 1,5KW, 150 rpm-all stainless steel structure Quantity 1 X CIP system Stainless steel cleaning of bottle caps, pots and special distillation towers (one for each); spray balls in the lid and column, and rotate the nozzle in the jar Maximum 16bar/8m3 per hour Quantity 1 X top filling opening (additional) Quantity 1 X Inspection Mirror Quantity 1 X power supply Power supply: 208V three-phase Quantity 1 X Steam setting: Floating trap The float trap is included in the pot used to set the steam Quantity 1 X Thermometer Analog thermometer standard, digital available One for each hat, plate and rope arm Quantity 1 X lighting Pot column lighting Additional viewing window at the back for lighting Provide lights and install Quantity 1 X Gin Basket Quantity 1 X MASHTANK 2000L Steam heated and jacketed to cool with water or glycol Quantity 1 X Pendulum Mill – 12KW 12kw motor Includes fan blower-3 inch connection Quantity 5 X 2450L stainless steel fermentation tank Top opening Analog thermometer Pedal mounting bracket Four feet Diameter: 1430mm; Height: 2010mm; Weight: 165 kg Quantity 1 X accessories 1 Eccentric screw pump – SP6 Capacity: 7000/12000l water/h 700/1400 revolutions, 3KW Quantity 30X hose crushing hose (screw) eccentric screw pump Cold mash Up to 28% alcohol Stable red spiral Maximum pressure per meter 8 bar Quantity 1 X filter – 20 X 20 stainless steel 9 board standard Includes extension rods for smaller boards pressure gauge No filter pump/recommended explosion-proof alcohol pump Quantity 200 X filter plate-A20 Fine filtering Quantity 200 X filter plate-A80 Coarse filtration Quantity 1 X Vacuum Bottle Filling Machine 4 nozzles 120V bottle filter No distilled water pump contract Quantity 1×Explosion-proof alcohol pump 1 1-4 inches 2000 liters/hour 1.5 KW (connected to available power source) Quantity 1 X 1100L stainless steel water tank (finished product) 1100 litre tank sleeve for heating the product before bottling Closed top Digital display temperature probe, liquid level indicator Diameter: 953mm Height: 1970mm 3 feet Quantity 1 X 1100L stainless steel tank (mixing tank) 1100 liter mixing tank-open top Digital temperature probe Diameter: 953mm Height: 1820mm 3 feet Weight: 120kg Quantity 6 X 300L water storage tank Quantity 1 X Vacuum Bottle Filling Machine 4 nozzles 120V bottle filter No contact between distillate and pump
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