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Thermo-wire (thermo-bending machine or thermal designer) is a special equipment for bending plastic sheets, acrylics, PET, etc.

This machine is an indispensable device for advertising agencies and mini-factories engaged in the production of advertising materials, as well as various products for the sales and service sector.
Teormostruna is successfully used for bending a variety of plastics, including: acrylic, plexiglass, PVC, PP, PS, PET and other types. The machine allows you to get products of almost any shape, for example: stands for goods, price tags, menus, lottery machines, POS materials, etc.
Currently, the TC800 / 2 machine is popular on the market. This is a model of a table thermostring with a working width of 800 mm, complete with a reliable transformer and two working tungsten strings. The machine also provides a mobile adjustable table, there is a device for clamping workpieces.
TC800 / 2 successfully handles sheet metal bending procedures such as acrylic and double-layer plastics up to 8 mm thick.

Thermostatic wire TC800 / 2 table model.
Working width 800 mm. Bending sheet materials such as acrylic and double-layer plastic up to 8 mm thick.

  • 2 working tungsten strings,
  • Clamping device for workpieces,
  • < li> Mobile customizable table
  • Reliable transformer
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