Roland VersaUV LEF-12 printers
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Use the VersaUV LEF-12 to print text, photographs, logos, or other design projects directly onto objects up to 10 cm thick. Examples of such objects are gadgets, merchandise, and prototypes. The LEF-12 is a desktop UV printer that uses CMYK color profile, white ink and varnish. Use varnish for a glossy or matte finish and for textures. Built-in LED lamps ensure fast ink drying. Personalize items LEF-12 is a LED UV printer that prints on objects with a maximum height of 10 cm. The machine is equipped with a flat table , on which you can place the printed materials using a special frame and an adhesive sheet. The table automatically adjusts to the height of the subject, allowing you to print on uneven objects. Instant dry ink The LEF-12 printer uses Roland DG's Eco-UV ink. The ink is available in four colors: CMYK, white and varnish. White ink provides superior printing on colored and transparent objects. You can also use this ink as a base for vibrant colors. Transparent ink allows for special effects including matte or glossy surfaces and textures. Software included LEF-12 printer comes with Versa Works, RIP software from Roland DG. The software supports two printing modes. Standard print mode is ideal for printing fine details. The remote mode has been specially designed for printing on embossed objects.
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Roland VersaUV LEF-12 printers - 13803

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