PTB-1200 drive
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The PTB-1200 drive is used to drive the grate of mechanical furnaces TLZm, TChZm. Alternative name - PTB-1200 reducer. It has a stepless regulation of the rotation speed by changing the speed of the electric motor. The PTB-1200 drive is used to drive the grate of the furnace, which has a stepless control of the speed of rotation by changing the speed of the DC motor. The drive consists of: - worm gear, - gear boxes, - outer pair of gear wheels, - couplings, - frames. The worm gearbox is assembled in a cast iron housing. The worm wheel is mounted on a shaft that rotates on sleeve bearings. Axial loads are absorbed by the end face of the right or left hub, depending on the direction of the wheel movement. The axial position of the worm wheel is adjusted by rings installed between the wheel and the hub. The worm shaft is mounted on rolling bearings. Axial loads are supported by a thrust bearing. The outer pair is straight-toothed, installed in a special cast-iron casing. The gear wheel of the outer pair on the worm shaft is installed freely, and the torque is transmitted through the toothed discs of the safety clutch. The toothed discs are pinned to the toothed wheel and the coupling half. The overload clutch is adjusted to transmit a certain torque, depending on the size of the furnace. If the safety clutch fails, the pins holding the toothed discs can shear off. PTB-1200 drive gearboxes do not have gear shifting.
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