Drone homogenate
Drone homogenate
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What is a drone homogenate? The drone homogenate or drone milk became famous relatively recently. The name of this product - homogenate of drone larvae or GTL - appeared in 1991. It was at this time that the useful properties of this product began to be investigated. In fact, the beneficial properties of this product were known much earlier. It was highly valued, for example, in ancient China, as evidenced by the recipes for its use, written on bamboo, found during excavations in one of the tombs of the Han dynasty. And in Japan, Kenya, Romania, China it is still used, and not only for treatment. Drone larvae are very nutritious, because they contain as much protein as meat. But they contain even more vitamin D than fish oil. And one more advantage - the larvae contain amino acids, enzymes and vitamins. Therefore, drone larvae in these countries are used not only as a basis for dietary supplements, cosmetics and medicines. It is also a popular food product. The larvae are served boiled and fried, seasoning is made from them, seasoned with soy sauce. This snack can often be found on street stalls, cafes and shops. There is even a special foundation with large cells for breeding drones. Who should take drone homogenate and why? The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations recommends the drone homogenate as a food product for both adults and children, and especially the elderly. Reception of drone homogenate is very effective in case of hypothyroidism - a disease of the endocrine system. It helps restore the normal functioning of the thyroid gland. Drone homogenate is saturated with hormones and vitamins, contains testosterone, progesterone, prolactin and estradiol. Therefore, it is used to treat many different diseases in both men and women. Due to the content of natural hormones and vitamins, this product is also useful for women . It improves psychoemotional and physical condition during menopause, is used for hormonal imbalance . Reception of drone homogenate is recommended for premature aging of the skin, the appearance of fine wrinkles, hair loss, brittle nails. For schoolchildren and students, the homogenate will help to overcome chronic fatigue and stress during exams with high memory stress. It is useful for sleep disorders, depression, neuroses. The drone homogenate is recommended for children when they are lagging behind in mental, physical or sexual development, as well as as a source of protein and vitamins. Drone homogenate improves appetite and metabolism, therefore it is recommended for weakened children with poor appetite. For the elderly, drone homogenate is a rejuvenating, energy-stimulating and healing agent. It is used to prevent diseases of the heart and blood vessels, hypertension, atherosclerosis, and lower blood cholesterol levels. Increasingly, the drone homogenate is introduced into their diet by athletes . It increases physical endurance and strength capabilities, and helps to increase muscle mass. It is recommended to take drone homogenate in combination with other beekeeping products : bee bread, pollen, honey. A complex reception enhances its healing properties. Contraindications: Addison's disease - a disease of the adrenal cortex, individual intolerance (allergy), acute infectious diseases, tumors, not recommended for use at bedtime. Receiving and conservation Drone milk is obtained from larvae that have reached 7 days of age. They are crushed into a homogeneous jelly-like mass. The resulting product has a yellowish-mustard color and a sweetish taste. But he has one significant drawback - a rapid loss of properties at room temperature. Therefore, before you buy a drone homogenate, check out what methods are used for long-term storage of the product: freezing, conservation with honey, adsorption, lyophilization. After freezing, drone larvae retain all their properties, but problems arise during transportation, since it is unacceptable to defrost and freeze the product again. When preserved with honey, the homogenate will retain its properties if no more than 10% of the product is added to honey. During adsorption, no more than 7-10% of drone milk is also added to the adsorbent (mixture of lactose and glucose). The method of lyophilizing the drone homogenate is not as well known as the previous ones. At home, it is impossible to preserve the product by lyophilization, since this requires special equipment. Therefore, lyophilized drone homogenate is somewhat more expensive than frozen, adsorbed or mixed with honey. But it's worth it. After freezing (at a temperature of -30 0 С) and drying in a vacuum installation, the product retains all its properties, does not contain any additives or preservatives, and most importantly, it can be stored at room temperature. And the shelf life of the product is increased to two years. The lyophilization method is used in the manufacture of many medical products, as well as for long-term storage, fungi, viruses and bacteria. You can buy lyophilized drone homogenate in our online store.
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