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Brass sledgehammers are a percussion tool that is necessary where there is a need to strike with tremendous force, but at the same time without damaging the metal and avoiding accidental ignition from sparks. In the TsvetMetInstrument company you can buy a wide range of brass sledgehammers . We manufacture reliable, well-proven models and also develop new ones. In particular, brass sledgehammers are used in the chemical, gas, oil industry, at hazardous industrial facilities, as well as in the fields of aircraft construction, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and many other industries. Advantages: Soft metal; Good mechanical properties: High anti-magnetic properties; Resistance to aggressive media; Corrosion resistant; The ability to perform impact work without the risk of damage to surfaces; Lack of sparks during work. In our catalog you can find various models and order them in lots of any size. The company "TsvetMetInstrument" offers to buy brass sledgehammers with delivery in Russia and neighboring countries. We carry out prompt shipment and delivery for each client of any batch of goods, we guarantee high quality products. If necessary, you can choose not a serial, but an individual order. Our experts will advise you on all issues so that as a result you get exactly the kind of intrinsically safe tool that your business needs.
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