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We deal in almost all of Marine provisions for international trade. Please let us see your immediate needs on whatever you are in supplies, so as to help you source them out in Korea by more reasonable prices, in-time delivery and better quality than done before. Please list your needs and we will follow up with it instantly to meet it. Furthermore, lots of Korean products other than marine provisions can also be arranged for trades, assured of the supply of them with negotiable price, good quality, on-time delivery and other competitiveness, if requested. FTA (Free Trade Agreement) can be applied with no or few customs at your end in importation, benefiting prices as a result. One more suggestion is that we be an authorized Korean representative of your company to facilitate dealings inside Korea by way of promotion of your goods or service. In short, our business dealings or suggestion go as follows. 1. Korean marine deck crane 2. Marine goods 3. Korean products 4. Korean representative authorization Please don’t hesitate to make a request for quotation, inquiry or other data for our initial business formation and continuation hopefully. Waiting for some comments, we hope that you have an awesome day.
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Woo Ju machine Co.,
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South Korea
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