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Dalian Jori Co., Itd. - 55645

We are a China hot melt glue machine manufacturer and have been engaged in hot melt glue machine for more than 5 years. Our company supplies various parts for hot melt glue machines, including their spray guns, modules, wire kits, heaters and solenoid valves, etc. We can provide food, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cosmetics and woven fabrics, non-food consumer goods, seeds, cables, book bindings and more. We can provide solutions for cartons, labels, liner nozzles, pallet forming, straws, etc. The hot melt glue machine is widely used in sanitary products such as diapers, sanitary napkins and other hygiene items, and in the production of air filters, non-woven composite materials. , footwear, printing industry, product assembly, clothing, stickers, packaging industry (cartons, cigarette cases, gift boxes, glasses boxes, craft boxes, jewelry boxes, colored boxes, composite covering (label paper, labels, double-sided tape , medical breathable tape), products (household appliances, furniture fittings, wires and cables)
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