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Boiler 0.4

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KV 0.4 boiler

The design of the KV 0.4 (KV 0.47) boiler includes:

  • high efficiency < / li>
  • fuel combustion efficiency
  • economical
  • compactness
  • reliability
  • ease of use
  • increased maintainability
  • ease of installation
  • no scale

Solid fuel hot water boiler KV 0.4 Gcal is characterized by high efficiency, which is achieved through the use of the following design solutions. The large volume of the combustion chamber ensures complete combustion of fuel, thereby reducing losses with mechanical underburning. Gas-tight design of the furnace and high-quality thermal insulation reduce heat losses through the walls of the boiler and the environment and exclude the suction of cold air into the boiler furnace. The developed convective heating surface provides a decrease in the temperature of flue gases from the boiler to 200 -180 ° C.

The use of modern technology of fuel combustion in the bed reduces losses with mechanical and chemical underburning of fuel. The hydraulic circuit in the hot water boiler works according to the counterflow circuit and the convective package acts as an economizer. Numerous partitions installed in the boiler manifolds direct the coolant flow, eliminating the occurrence of stagnant zones and local overheating of heating surfaces. High speeds and turbulization of the water flow minimize the formation of scale, the boilers operate reliably without special measures for chemical water treatment.

Technical characteristics of the KV 0.4 hot water boiler

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Name Boiler 0.4
Power of a hot water boiler, Gcal / h (MW) 0.4 (0.47)
Heated area with a ceiling height of 3 m, m² 4000
Fuel, coal stone brown
Net calorific value 5230 2720
Boiler efficiency, not less,% 82 74
Fuel consumption , kg / h 94.7 205
Equivalent fuel consumption, kg / h 69
Flue gas temperature, ° C No more than 200
Consumption of working medium, m³ / h 16
Water temperature, ° C 70-95
Working medium pressure, MPa (kgf / cm²) 3.0-6.0
Hydraulic resistance boiler at a temperature difference of 25 ° C, MPa (kgf / cm²), no more 0.07 (0.7)
Aerodynamic resistance, Pa (mm.WC) no more than 135
Combustion mirror area, m2 1,1
Overall dimensions of the boiler block with a furnace, no more
Length, mm 2100
Width, mm 1400
Height, mm 1800
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