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Display rack
Харьков, Ukraine
USD 712.0/pcs 712.0
Multifunctional belt sander grinder KUPERTEK 3001 with a rotary mechanism and a frequency converter. Specifications:   overall dimensions: length 740-990 mm, width 370 mm, height 450 mm .; weight: 35.7 kg.; engine power: 1.1 kW.; number of revolutions: 2840 rpm; connection 220 V .; belt width: 50 mm .; tape length: 1000 ... 1500 mm .; belt speed: 20 m / s; drive roller diameter: 135 mm. table size: length 150 mm, width 250 mm .; working height: 290 mm .; tape inclination angle: 40 °… 110 °; frequency converter 1.5 kW; swivel mechanism.  
Beijing Silk Road
Фергана, Uzbekistan
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We will find machines, equipment, Mini and Large Plants and Factories, bring and install. Quality is our priority
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The stand is designed to test soft products for durability in accordance with GOST 14314-94.
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ООО "ДОНЛИТПРОМ" Специализируется на литье алюминиевых изделий методом вакуум пленочной формовки на собственном оборудовании из алюминиевых сплавов АК9ч, АК9М2, АК12ч, АК12пч, АК12оч, АК12, .... В перечень производимой нами продукции входят: Различные корпуса, шкивы и т.д; Промышленные и уличные фонари; Лавочки, столы, скамейки, балясины, лестницы и др.; Литые изделия из алюминия по индивидуальным проектам. Компания сертифицирована по ИСО 9001-2008. Наше предприятие обладает высококвалифицированным производственным персоналом. Благодаря техническому оснащению и современному парку оборудования мы осуществляем полный цикл производства от разработки и производство модельной оснастки до выпуска готовой продукции. Для производства изделий, применяется 3D-модель отливки, что повышает точность изготовления и последующую повторяемость.
LLC "Vector"
Киров, Russia
USD 6.05/pcs 6.05
9,8 мм*2150*1650 16мм*2070*1650 22мм*2070*1650
USD 2112.46/pcs 2112.46
machine profi 4m for artistic forging
USD 1061.94/pcs 1061.94
professional series machines for artistic forging
USD 2455.02/pcs 2455.02
profi-5 machine for artistic forging
USD 159.86 - 176.99/pcs
Cable jack DK-5V screw is a mobile lifting mechanism designed for lifting cable drums when laying cable. The cable jack can also be used as a pay-off device when rewinding the cable. The cable jack DK- 5V allows the use of standard sizes of drums from 8 to 22 numbers. The lifting capacity of the screw jack is 5 tons. Completion of the jack for unwinding cable drums DK-5V: two racks; axis; movable shoes NAME OF PARAMETER VALUE Maximum lifting capacity, kg, not more 5000 Lifting principle screw pair Maximum standard size of cable reel 22 Minimum cable reel size 8 The presence of hold-down shoes + Diameter of the supplied axle, mm 48 Length of the supplied axle, mm 1700 Cable jack weight, kg one hundred Overall dimensions, mm 1440х715х1400
USD 137.02 - 176.99/pcs
Cable winding device UNK-4-2N mod.2 is a hand-operated winding machine, light class, designed for winding and measuring cables with a maximum diameter of 20 or 30 mm, depending on the modification. The winding device UNK-4-2N mod.2 is designed for cable rewinding from coil to coil weighing not more than 30 kg. To facilitate the removal of the coil, the cable winding device is equipped with a convenient folding handle (in the BASIC version). Technological control of the length is carried out with an IDM-20 or IDM-30 meter, the meters are implemented on an ID-2 electronic counter. The delivery set of the UNK-4-2N cable rewind device mod.2 includes: frame, take-up drum, giving drum, length meter, electronic counter ID-2. The winding device UNK-4-2N mod.2 is produced in two modifications: BASIC PACKAGE - special price RUB 13,200 with VAT rotating folding handle on the take-up drum, certified length gauge IDM, reverse counter ID-2 with sound indication upon reaching the programmed length. LIGHT COMPLETE SET - special price RUB 12,000 with VAT non-certified IDM length meter, non-reversible counter ID-2, without sound indication. Cable winding machine UNK-4-2N mod. 2 patented (more) Measuring unit IDM is patented and has a certificate of type approval of measuring instruments (more) - for modification BASIC

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