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USD 1650.0/pcs 1650.0
USD 129.57/pcs 129.57
A double-sided advertising pillar is made in the form of a small stand on a metal stand, which adds stability to it, the base can be weighted with paving slabs. The pillar has a number of advantages: - good visibility against the background of other advertising structures; - the ability to be placed in almost any convenient place; - relatively low cost due to the simplicity of manufacturing technology; We will prepare for you a bright and colorful layout, which will attract a considerable number of customers to the point of sale or service point. You can buy an advertising coffee pillar with delivery in Moscow or by pickup.
Gaia Coffee Roasters
United States of America
USD 1195.0/pcs 1195.0
Origin: Indonesia/South America Tasting Notes: Lemon, Caramel, Fig Pastry
USD 1599.0/pcs 1599.0
Sniper M2 Brand Kaleido Product origin China Delivery time 1-3days Shipping time 5-7days 1.Heating power:0.8KW (Universal voltage110V~220V) 2.Roasting Capacity:50-400g 3.Roasting time:3-15mins 4.Operation:Full touch screen operation 5.Boiler:Patent,Stainless steel 304 boiler 6.Chaff collection:Patient.Automatic chaff collection system 7.Cooling:Rapid cooling in 2-3mins 8.Material content:Stainless steel 85%,others 15% 9.Product size:L450*W250*H360mm(Packing size:570x380x460mm) 10.Net weight:12KG(+Packing weight:21KG) 11.Double safety protection: anti-leakage safety plug + auto heating stop protection. 12.Spear Parts:One heating tube and Maintenance tools
USD 693.0/kg 693.0
Brazil Santos 100% Arabica is a true classic from Brazil in beans. Perhaps this is the most popular type of coffee, which has a mild pleasant taste with notes of nuts, caramel and chocolate, without acidity. Medium roast. Convenient packaging - a multi-layer quadropack bag with a zipper and a degassing valve - the most perfect packaging for coffee at the moment, not only will it retain its aroma and taste for a long time, but will also make it convenient to pour and store coffee. It is perfect for preparing in a professional or automatic espresso machine, a geyser coffee maker, as well as alternative methods - for example, in a pourover. Below is one of the recipes for brewing this coffee. Espresso recipe: Coffee bookmark: 18 grams. We adjust the grinding so that when it spills for about 27 seconds, 37 grams of the finished drink (from the cream) are obtained at the exit. Store coffee at a temperature no more than 25 degrees and a humidity of no more than 75% in a dry and cool place.
USD 20.0 - 35.0/kg
Our relation with this estate goes back to the days when our founder (with literally no money) hopped on to bikes and traveled to this estate just to establish a strong direct and transparent bond. Roasting Profile- Espresso Varietal- SLN-795 Altitude- 1524 MASL Process- Washed Harvest Year- 2020-21 Tastes Like- White Chocolate, Hint Of Clove And Caramel Location- Chikmagalur
USD 7.62 - 27.44/kg
Espresso blends Monosort Specialty coffee for specialized coffee shops Flavored coffee for retail stores Rich assortment of teas Hot chocolate from Europe Working with Us, you are sure of the quality of coffee, in the dates of roasting. We will provide working cases for working with Bars and restaurants. We will provide recipes for setting each type of coffee. Recipes for cool coffee drinks.

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