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USD 1420.0/pcs 1420.0
Price: $1420 per item. Minimum order: 1 piece Ingersoll Rand Drystar Air Dryer - 42 CFM Model #D72IN. The inexpensive DryStar air dryer cools compressed air by mechanical cooling to a pressure dew point of 33° to 39°F. Condensed water is removed through an automatic drain valve. Airflow 42 cfm. 1/2 inch connection. The DryStar dryer is easy to install thanks to the quick electrical connection and is characterized by low power consumption. Uses environmentally friendly refrigerant R134A. Excellent for applications requiring the removal of any water from the compressed air. Key Features P/N 1592023 Trademark Ingersoll Rand Manufacturer's Warranty 12 months parts / 12 months labor Shipping Weight 30.0 lbs.
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Painting and drying chamber with a heat-ventilation unit with a capacity of up to 24,000 m³ of air per hour and an economical Riello diesel burner with a thermal capacity of up to 260,000 kcal/hour. The chamber fully meets the requirements prevailing on the market and allows servicing cars of any class. The delivery set includes a heat-ventilation unit with 1 supply and 1 exhaust centrifugal turbofan; - stainless steel heat exchanger; - three-leaf entrance gates 3000x2600 mm; - door for staff 800x2000 mm; - diesel burner; - metal base H=300 mm; - floors with 2 rows of slats or a fully slatted floor, load-bearing capacity 500 kg/wheel; - 2 entrance ramps 2000 mm long; - combined ceiling and side lighting with LED panels; - Remote Control; - a set of air filters. Specifications: Cabin dimensions, mm 6900х4000х2650 Dimensions, mm 7000х5306х3400 (external) Air exchange, m³/h 20000 (with differential 820 Pa) Heat output of the burner, kcal/h max. 260000 Max. Temperature during drying, °C max. 80 Fan drive motor power, kW 2x5.5 Max. Power consumption, kW 13 Lighting power, W 864 Power supply, V/Hz 3 f. X 380V/50Hz
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Where is MECHANICAL SEAL Used? The parts that provide sealing between two machine parts, one of which is movable and the other fixed, are called shaft seal. It is generally used in places such as pumps, taps, shaft bearings. Where are ROTARY HEADS Used? It is used to transfer fluids such as hot water, hot oil, steam etc. to a fixed axis over the rotating drum.
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“SA International” - Shanghai Asia International Electrical & Mechanical Co., LTDispart of theSIBC Group, which has been providing equipment and technology selection services in various fields since 2017.   -   Construction.- Road construction.- Metallurgy.- Mining.- Chemical industry.- Production lines for various purposes.   We are trusted by clients in Europe, USA, Canada, Malaysia, India, South Korea, Russia, Thailand. The company " SA International " has an official representative office on the territory of the Russian Federation, in the city of Krasnodar to simplify cooperation, document circulation and customs clearance for our clients. Cooperating with our company, you can be confident not only in the quality of the supplied equipment, but also in the after-sales service.    We provide:   - Machinery and equipment for the construction industry, such as:Asphalt concrete plants / plants (ABZ), concrete mixing plants / plants (BRU / RBU), self-propelled concrete mixers with self-loading function, concrete pumps, lines for the production of tiles and blocks, etc.   - Equipment for mining: crushers, screens, screens, conveyor belts, pumps, etc.   - Alligator scissors and metal presses.   - Cargo and wheeled vehicles: loaders, excavators, bulldozers.   - Storage equipment.   - DES and electric motors.   - Chemical reagents and components.   Also, "SA International" is a manufacturer of conveyor belts.   Over the years of working with factories in China, we have earned a reputation as a reliable partner and a center of excellence for quality assessment among our customers. Our managers will conduct a full market assessment, advise you on all emerging issues, provide complete information as soon as possible, and engineers will monitor the entire production process to minimize the percentage of defects and will train your staff.   An additional advantage of working with us will be that the managers of "SA International" know all the logistics processes, offer competitive prices and the shortest delivery times.
USD 1400.0/pcs 1400.0
Beijing Silk Road
Фергана, Uzbekistan
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We will find machines, equipment, Mini and Large Plants and Factories, bring and install. Quality is our priority
USD 10.67 - 14.63/pcs
The dryer is available in three modifications 50 * 50 cm, 50 * 75 cm, 50 * 50 cm with a thermostat.
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final pressure: 150 kgf / cm2 productivity: 1.8 m3 / min. THE UNIT OF DRYING AIR UBOV-0.3 / 150 is intended for drying and purification of air compressed to a pressure of 150-200 kgf / cm2 from moisture and mechanical impurities. Recommended for use with compressors EK2-150, EKPA2-150, KR-2 (AKP-2), VT1.5-0.3 / 150.
Рыбинск, Russia
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Designed for drying bulk materials in various industries: chemical, construction, paint and varnish, powder metallurgy, etc. Hot air supplied to the drying zone from a heat generator is used as a heat carrier. Evaporation products are removed through an air duct, which is connected to the workshop exhaust ventilation through a branch pipe. The characteristics of the drying drum can be changed for the technological tasks of the Customer's production. On request it is completed with a heat generator of any type. Electric or gas, rated thermal power of gas heat generators from 0.315 MW. The installation includes: frame, drum, support station, drive station, loading bunker, unloading bunker.
USD 68.9/pcs 68.9
Net weight, kg: 5 Brand: VOLTERA EAN-13 barcode :: 4610004690891 Color: White Box volume, m3: 0.0584 Control: Mechanical Type: Convective Manufacturer country: Russia Consumption power: 1 kW Number of pallets: 5 Drying temperature control : Yes Pallet height: 4 Pallet height adjustment: No Drying temperature: 40, 60 С Protection against overheating: Yes Preparation of pastila: Yes Package gross weight, kg: 5.7 Gross weight of the product, kg: 5.7 Net package weight, kg: 5 Material: Polypropylene Delivery service :: PEK, KIT, Dedovye Lines, ZhelDorEkspeditsiya, Energiya, Baikal-Service, self-pickup from the factory Lateral air supply, 5 sieves, p / p, working volume 20 dm³, 1 kW Product dimensions, mm (W x D x H): ∅388х351 Packing dimensions, mm (W x D x H): 400х400х365 Pieces in a box: 1
USD 2.85/pcs 2.85
Original electric shoe dryer ES 12/220 "Comfort" model. The appliance uses a self-stabilizing ceramic heating element to maintain a constant temperature during drying. Volumetric air flow creates the most comfortable environment for drying shoes. Time of continuous operation of the device - up to 8 hours. Power - 12 W., weight 250 g.

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