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Tire polishing. Excellent results on all models and tire classes. It is applied by the contraction and removal method.
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Torpedo polisher. Possessing a pleasant smell, it emits a pleasant cleaning smell on the surfaces to which it is applied. It can be applied to surfaces to be polished in all tools by tightening and wiping.
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Engine cleaning
USD 8.0 - 10.5/pcs
DuPont™ Tyvek® 500 Hooded Jumpsuit Expert.Material: TYVEK polyethylene - 100%, 41 g/m²Weight: less than 180g.Closure: zipperDesign features: 3-piece hood provides optimal fit and freedom of movement of the head. Elasticated hood, cuffs and hem, glued-in elastic waistband.Design allows for freedom of movement.Easy to grip with gloves, oversized zipper pull tab.Tyvek® material is made from high-density polyethylene fibers using fast twist technology for a superior fit. protective properties, durability and convenience. Tyvek® is a breathable material that is permeable to air and water vapor, but repels splashes of aqueous solutions and aerosols. A high degree of barrier protection against fine particles, viral and bacterial agents, fibers up to 1 micron in size, and at the same time extremely low linting of the material itself. Antistatic treatment. Silicone-free. Applications: medical, pharmaceutical, chemical, oil and gas, equipment repair, paint spraying, general cleaning and many others. Complies with TR CU 019/2011Color: white Size range: S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL
USD 1.37/pcs 1.37
Reusable lint-free cloth for clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, industries with increased requirements for cleanliness. • Used to remove excess sealant, mastic and other contaminants. • Due to the special structure of the knit, they have excellent absorbent properties and are able to capture dust particles. • Wipes do not contain silicone. • Convenient size and unique strength properties provide multiple use - at least 50 applications. • Maintain hostile environment for processing - solvents, acids, alcohols. • Sterilization is possible. (Autoclave, chemistry) Particularly strong and durable - technical cloth with overlaid edges. The standard size of 35x40 cm is convenient for any manipulations when cleaning or wiping equipment. Package options: 3 pcs. 5 pieces. 10 pieces. and more FORMULA FOR CALCULATION OF THE BENEFITS OF APPLICATION AND PURCHASE: 90r / 50 applications = 1rub 80 kopecks for 1 application!!!
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 150.0/pcs 150.0
  Wireless Car Washing Machine Rechargeable Water Gun Tool Pump 110-240V 250W-350W
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 350.0/pcs 350.0
FOX Rear Shocks Suspension Kawasaki Brute Force 
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 100.0/pcs 100.0
  Air Hydraulic Bottle Jack 50 Ton Manual 110231lb Heavy Duty Auto Truck RV Repair
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 2.9/pcs 2.9
Car Button Start Switch Diamond Ring For Car Bling Decoration Accessories
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 2.84/pcs 2.84
Cool Car Buckle Car Key Holder Car Key Clip Key Chain Keyring Metal Accessories
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 2.8/pcs 2.8
4pcs Car Scratche Protection Protector Sticker Transparent Decals Accessories
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 4.0/pcs 4.0
2x Reflective Carbon Fiber Car Side Mirror Warning Molding Trim Auto Accessories
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 10.0/pcs 10.0
Accessories Clip Finish. Automotive push pin. Rivet. Bumper, Door panel. Retainer, fixing kit
USD 1200.0/pcs 1200.0
Why do you need SkyPolish polishing powder based on cerium oxide? To bring back shine and newness: Automotive glass car headlights Car body before and after painting Glass products (optical lenses, watch glasses, window glasses, mirrors) Our company is not outbids that exist today and not tomorrow. We have been manufacturing polyrites since 2006 and have earned a reputation as a reliable partner.
USD 4.0/pcs 4.0
Goggles \ mask - insulating - these are modern, versatile, comfortable and convenient goggles with a high degree of protective properties, with a panoramic protective glass made of polycarbonate. Designed to protect the eyes from the front, top, bottom and sides from mechanical impacts, abrasive, UV radiation, splashes and drops of biological fluids, sprays, protection against splashes and sparks of molten metal. Protective glass is resistant to chemicals, acid and alkali solutions, UV radiation, disinfectants. Features: • Increased panoramic view and 360° protection • Double-sided anti-fog and abrasion protection • 100% UV protection • Increased protection from all sides • Can be worn with glasses, including corrective glasses • Soft PVC body with a wide band obturation provides a comfortable, soft fit to the user's face, reduces pressure on the face and fatigue of the worker • Protection against splashes, splashes of molten metal and sparks • adjustable wide headband securely and comfortably fixes glasses on the user's head • Compatible with many types of PPE • Analogs: 3H11 Panorama super (PC) (ROSOMZ) art. 21130, UVEX Ultravision FOR BULK ORDER - VOLUME DISCOUNT!
Clean Expert
USD 0.41/pcs 0.41
Our company produces napkins, rags from natural materials for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, washing dishes and cleaning any surfaces. Our wipes do not cause allergic reactions, quickly and efficiently absorb liquid, do not leave streaks on the surface. It is very convenient to keep at home and in the car.
Metal Solutions
Los Angeles, United States of America
USD 300.0/L 300.0
Descriptiongamma-butyrolactone (gbl) is a colorless hygroscopic liquid with a weak characteristic odor and is soluble in water.Physical  propertiesMelting range: -43.2°C /-42°CBoiling range:  201°C/206°CFlash point: 106 °CSafetyGamma-butyrolactone (gbl) is a strong eye,mucous membrane irritant,as well as a mild skin irritant.Causes serious eye damage.Harmful if swallowed.May cause drowsiness or dizziness.Wear eye/face/hand protection.Use only in well ventilated areas.Highly Effective – This powerful cleaner cuts through grease, grime and dirt effortlessly.Multiple Uses – As well as being perfect for cleaning alloy rims, brakes, printheads you’ll find this solution perfect for electrolytic work and wood stripping.Applications:removes most paints and graffiti,removes rust,removes enamel,removes oil stains,wood preservative,removes glue,cleaning alloy wheels,removes nail polish,cleaning print heads,cleaning of printed circuit boards,removal of resin and bitumen,cleaning brakes,helps with floor stripping.Industrial and Commercial Uses:crop protection agents,photographic chemicals,viscosity modifier,solvent,foundry resins,printing ink industry,textile industry,leather industry,plastics processing,paint and graffiti remover.
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Car air freshener clip. Mounting method - on the deflector. valid for 30 days. there are 4 fragrances available.
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We serve you with our understanding of quality products and services with our Self Service PAralı / Coin Operated / Card Washing Foam Vacuum Cleaner installation service sales.
USD 0.31/pcs 0.31
Our cleaning cloth shines the place it wipes, does not hold germs, does not smell, and its water absorption power is very high. It is made in different sizes and sizes according to the order. Our standard is 25mmX 25mm.
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Our microfiber cleaning cloth dries quickly, does not smell, has high water absorption power, does not hold germs.
USD 4000.0/pcs 4000.0
Parts washing machines PYM 1500 are machines designed for washing parts and engine blocks in places such as car workshops, garages, mechanical workshops.
USD 25.91/pcs 25.91
Eva / Eva car mats wholesale. A set of 4 rugs (the presence or absence of a jumper depends on the make and model of the car). The color of the edging is at your choice, accessories for the rugs are also available - heel pads, nameplates. The cost of supplies up to 10 pcs. and over 50 are discussed individually. Large base of patterns. All templates were removed manually, there are no electronic ones. We will send a price list with car brands upon request.
USD 750.0/pcs 750.0
Steam cleaning is a machine that can be used in a wide variety of places. The aim is to provide hygiene and to clean with the power and pressure of steam without using water without pollution. Advantages Provides a hygienic cleaning as all germs are killed. It does not require rinsing after cleaning. Provides cleaning without leaving stains. If you clean a surface with water, there would definitely be a stain. With the pressure of the steam and the power of the temperature, it loosens the dirt on the surface and allows you to clean without using chemicals. Areas to be used: We produced this machine especially as Hec Makina Chemistry to clean the exterior of honeycombs (inside the grills) and we knew that it is actually used in many sectors. Please watch the videos of the applications. For technical support, you can reach us at 05464214985. You can use 10 bar steam pressure 220 v 50 hz 30 minutes dry steam or 10 minutes moist steam. Thanks to the turbo mode, it shortens the heating time. 9 lt tank You can use the product as moist steam when you want, as dry steam. Bundled Items 1 gun 2 nozzles 1 gun hose 1 Hec Steam Machine Product Dimensions 34x48x63 Machine Weight 27.5 kg
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Shampoo for brushless car wash.
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Cleaning the rim. It can be used to clean the rims of all car models. It's not acidic. It is applied by rubbing or wiping the surface. Wait once and rinse with pressure water.
USD 7.32/pcs 7.32
This set is specially designed for quality car care.Consists of 2 things:1) Durable terry toweling towel for car interior and body care. Inside the cabin, when dry, it collects dust from the panel well and, having an antistatic effect, does not sit on the panel for a long time. When wet, removes stains even from seats. Outside, it perfectly absorbs moisture after rain, dew, washing and removes stubborn dirt. Can be used as a "dry-cleaner" immediately after planting any stain on the clothes (soak and rub for 5 minutes, turning over).2) Cloth for auto glass, thin, smooth, slightly corrugated, designed for polishing glasses, headlights and mirrors without leaving streaks and lint. Ideally removes insect residues, poplar buds, reagent liquid, smoking glare, etc. These wipes do not require the use of auto chemistry, because the unique microfiber structure has high absorbency and cleaning properties.Care: Washable by hand or in a machine at t up to 50C with any "COLOR" powders. do not use bleaches or conditioners. Do not dry on batteries.Color: grayProduction: Protex microfiber Sweden
USD 12.5/pcs 12.5
This set is specially designed for quality car care. Consists of 5 napkins: 1 - Terry napkin "Auto towel" - used for washing the car body. 2 - Cloth for auto glass - used for washing glasses, mirrors, headlights. 3 - Rubberized cloth - enhances the shine of the body, perfectly polishes the surface. 4 - Semidelka Production: Protex microfiber Sweden
USD 4.12/pcs 4.12
Super is a universal towel made of durable terry weave for car interior and car body care. Inside the passenger compartment, when dry, it collects dust from the panel well and, having an antistatic effect, does not sit on the panel for a long time. When wet, it perfectly absorbs moisture after rain, dew, washing, and the corrugated corner removes stubborn dirt (traces of insects, poplar buds, etc.). Can be used as a "dry-cleaner" immediately after the stain has been planted on clothes (soak and rub for 5 minutes, turning over). Care: wash in a machine separately from laundry with Color powder at t 40C. Do not use bleaches, conditioners, do not boil, do not iron, do not dry on batteries. Density 380g / m2. Service life: 3-5 years Color: gray Size: 45x65 cm Production: Sweden
İstanbul, Turkey
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Micro fiber 1 Pakette 3 Adet Bez bulunmaktadır. Ebat: 42 x 68 CM Kumaş Özelliği: %80 Polyester , %20 Polyamide Bezlerimizi kullanırken herhangi bir temizlik katkısı kullanmanıza gerek yoktur. Aynı anda hem kurular hem parlatır ikinci bir işleme gerek yoktur İz Bırakmaz 60 dereceye kadar Yumuşatıcı Kullanmadan Çamaşır Makinasında yıkanabilir. Ev , İşyeri ve Araba temizliğinde kullanılır. Bezlerimiz uzun süreli kullanmaya müsait olup sizi ciddi bez maliyetinden kurtarır ekonomiktir.
USD 2.41/pcs 2.41
Mitten for the car 100% microfiber, does not leave stains. Microfiber mitten (For deteyling) long-short pile, for polishing and increased moisture absorption. Designed for all types of work. Leaves no stains and lint. Removes dirt from any surface. Do not iron! Do not boil!
USD 1.14/pcs 1.14
100% microfiber, does not leave stains, size 30 * 30 cm The napkin is designed to care for smooth surfaces: - mirrors, - windows, - television screens, - coffee tables. Due to the unique structure of the fiber, it absorbs moisture perfectly, cleans and polishes. Does not leave scratches, stains and villi. For dry and wet cleaning. Use with any detergents is possible. Wash at + 40 C
USD 3.96/pcs 3.96
Polish for plastic surfaces - updates and extends the life of plastic and rubber surfaces (upholstery, instrument panel, gaskets, bumpers, etc.), removes stains, protects against dust and moisture.
USD 89579.27 - 91737.8/pcs
"Model 850 mini Product Street cleaning Type of cleaning Sweep KUBOTA engine IIIA emissions Maximum diesel power 25 kW Power plant Diesel Sweeping width 1500-1850 mm Waste bin capacity 0.8 - (1 Opt) l Water tank 200 l Unloading hopper to a height of 1425 mm L x W x H 3400 x 1100 x 2070 mm Weight 1850 kg Dulevo is the world's leading manufacturer of a wide range of industrial sweepers and other street cleaning equipment. and high productivity.It is effectively used in areas inaccessible to conventional sweepers, such as walkways, stops, sidewalks, parking lots. thanks to the central hinge system, it can work even on uneven surface and move at a 25-degree tilt. The sweeping width of the machine is 1600 mm. The machine has a capacious high hopper with a garbage compaction system (to increase the capacity). During operation, rotating brushes (main and additional) sweep dirt and dust into the hopper, where it is sucked in by a powerful turbine and filtered clean air comes out through the dust filter. Garbage from the hopper can be dumped into a container or dump truck. The Dulevo 850 mini sweeper has an additional leaf suction function. This model meets all international standards and safety requirements, it has increased noise insulation, an almost silent motor and strict control of exhaust gases and noise. The Dulevo 850 mini combines high performance with a small compact size and ease of operation and maintenance. This model does not differ in the working conditions of the operator. The machine has an ergonomic operator's cab with easy entry and easy operation. The operator has easy access to any part of the engine, which facilitates maintenance. In addition to the standard Dulevo 850 mini, you can purchase additional accessories. In our company, the Dulevo 850 mini exhaust sweeper is always available. You can buy this model from us, rent it and purchase the necessary spare parts for it. We offer an obligatory guarantee and high-quality service for all equipment. We deliver special machinery and equipment to all regions of Russia. "
USD 19.99/pcs 19.99
Наружный авто чехол / тент ⚠ Тент из влагоотталкивающего материала с мягкой внутренней прослойкой против царапин. Полностью устойчив к солнцу. Можно пользоваться в любое время года, как зимой, так и летом. Качество дороже цены. Срок активной службы от 3 лет и больше. Сумочка для переноса и хранения в подарок! И в комплекте тросик с замком! Размеры от Honda Fit до Lexus LX570 Отправка через логистические службы. Цена $25 за шт.

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