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USD 29.62/pcs 29.62
New MARUITU tires size 175 / 65R14 Sino-German production Minimum order per container (20-40}
HNT Miners
United States of America
USD 800.0/pcs 800.0
SET of 4 BRAND NEW 14X17.5 Skid steer tires mounted on 8 lug rims for Bobcat 14-17.5 HEAVY DUTY Camso Xtra Wall SKS532 Tires Mounted on HD Rims for Bobcat If you have questions and want to speak with someone about tires please CONTACT US 7850 pound load rating per tire - Deep 35/32 tread depth - 12 ply dimensions...35.9" Diameter  - overall tire width including rim guard 13.8" - tire weight 93 pounds - rim weight 65 pounds Tires are mounted on HD Bobcat color 8 lug rims with standard 6" center pilot hole - lugs are 8" across on center.  Offset is 6 1/2" from outside - 4 3/4" from inside. Will fit Bobcat S220, S250, S300, S330 & many other machines   Rims are heavy duty 17.5X10.5X8 with valve stem protectors   Custom order rims also available to fit the Bobcat 943, 953 or 963 machine with 10 lug rim.   If you're needing a custom built rim please allow a week before shipping. Foam filled tires and rims also available The Solideal Xtra Wall SKS has been designed with enhanced features such as heavy-duty sidewall and hauler steps to maximize value and performance. Heavy-duty Sidewall Provides good side impact resistance for fewer flat tires Hauler Stepped Tread Design Maximizes tread cleanout in off-road conditions for improved traction Xtra Wall SKS's heavy-duty carcass and sidewall design resists deflection under load and is more robust and stable than a standard R4 tire.
ePartner Trading
Киев, Ukraine
Specify the price USD 0 0
We sell the official Michelin (MICHELIN) cord for tires. Production Korea. Available 24 tons. In stock in Poland.
"Asian Silk Way"
Москва, Russia
USD 1000.0 - 45000.0/pcs
USD 200946.75/pcs 200946.75
Alfa-SPK offers complex automatic lines for the processing of industrial rubber waste. The main activity is the processing of tires that are not suitable for further operation, the processing of tires into crumb with the separation of metal cord and textile threads. The end result of the processing of automobile tires and rubber is rubber crumb, free from foreign inclusions and divided into three fractions: 3-5mm, 1-3mm, 0.1-1mm. The clogging factor of crumb rubber is no more than 3%. Depending on your desire to produce final products from rubber crumb, we can offer you a press for the production of floor coverings (paving slabs) from rubber crumb, using the temperature extrusion method. Line for processing tires ATR500 line capacity of 500 kg / hour of cleaned rubber crumb broken into fractions, 100 kg / hour of crushed refined textile cord, 150 kg / hour of crushed refined metal cord. Requirements for the room 300m2, height 6 meters, width 10 meters, length 30 meters. Power consumption of the line is 150 kW. The maximum size of used car tires is 22.5. Operating temperature range from -20 to + 40C. The number of required personnel is 4 people. The line has a fully automatic cycle.

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