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Sanitary and hygiene products in bulk on Qoovee

USD 0.6/pcs 0.6
Biocidal product for surface disinfection.   You can use the product as often as required. It has a lethal on bacteria and germs.   Antibacterial - Anti-Fungal   PRICE RANGE - $0.6 - $1.3   80pieces/canister
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Disposable Coverall (Nonwoven Spunbond ss). 25-30 gr. unlaminated. front 80 cm zipper for easy wearing and taking off. It is air permeable, water repellent, flame retardant, particle proof, bacteria proof, light and soft. You can use it in any area you want. It is generally used as overalls. Production capacity over 10.000 pieces per week. made in Turkey.
USD 1.15 - 2.0/pcs
20-25-30-40 gr. unlaminated. Front zip 80 cm for easy donning and doffing. It is breathable, water repellent, fire retardant, particle and bacteria resistant, lightweight and soft. You can use it anywhere you like. Usually used as workwear. Production capacity is over 12,000 pieces per week. Made in Turkey.
USD 1.15 - 2.0/pcs
Disposable Coverall (Nonwoven Spunbond ss). 20-25-30-40gr. unlaminated. Front 80 cm zip for easy donning and taking off. It is air permeable, water repellent, flame retardant, particle proof, bacteria proof, light and soft. You can use it in any area you want. Usually used as overalls. Production capacity of over 12,000 pieces per week. Made in Turkey.
USD 1.37/pcs 1.37
Reusable lint-free cloth for clean rooms, laboratories, operating rooms, industries with increased requirements for cleanliness. • Used to remove excess sealant, mastic and other contaminants. • Due to the special structure of the knit, they have excellent absorbent properties and are able to capture dust particles. • Wipes do not contain silicone. • Convenient size and unique strength properties provide multiple use - at least 50 applications. • Maintain hostile environment for processing - solvents, acids, alcohols. • Sterilization is possible. (Autoclave, chemistry) Particularly strong and durable - technical cloth with overlaid edges. The standard size of 35x40 cm is convenient for any manipulations when cleaning or wiping equipment. Package options: 3 pcs. 5 pieces. 10 pieces. and more FORMULA FOR CALCULATION OF THE BENEFITS OF APPLICATION AND PURCHASE: 90r / 50 applications = 1rub 80 kopecks for 1 application!!!
USD 5.03/pcs 5.03
Lesovushka brand bath mat is filled with eco-shavings of aspen with the addition of fir needles. A fragrant bath and sauna canopy seat can be used in many ways, both as an aroma pillow and enjoy a special aroma, and a park mat, brewed in a small amount of hot water, and then poured over cold. Your body will receive healing substances through the pores of the skin and heal. The resulting broth can be used to create a fragrant steam that purifies the air and destroys pathogenic microbes. Massage bath mats for men and women help relieve accumulated stress, improve blood circulation, increase body resistance colds. The bath bed is not made of hay, it can be rolled up and put under the neck or under the lower back to relax the body. The cover for a small mattress is made of 100% cotton calico. , on an armchair in the living room, bedroom, nursery, home. Lesovushka brand bath accessories for relaxation are a wonderful gift for any holiday for the whole family.
IP Aldayarova
USD 45.0 - 450.0/pcs
Cordial Care является эксклюзивным партнером Kyowon в Казахстане и Центральной Азии, и мы рады предоставить лучшую продукцию из Кореи в Казахстан. Cordial Group, основанная в 2002 году, является крупнейшей компанией по уходу за здоровьем в Казахстане и имеет много хороших деловых партнеров из Кореи. С ассоциацией Kywon Group в Корее Cordial Group запустила новую компанию по управлению стилем жизни. Cordial 2019 запускает полномасштабное расширение нашей косметической линии. KYOWON ORM сотрудничает с ведущими мировыми производителями для разработки своих продуктов, и имеет специализированный исследовательский центр для разработки компонентов косметики на экологически чистой растительной основе.
USD 1.52 - 3.05/pcs
The Florentine Coconut Wax Aroma Sachet will give pleasure and a wonderful aroma in your closet, shelf or any other place you choose.
Kuali Enteprises
United States of America
USD 150.0/pcs 150.0
  Wireless Car Washing Machine Rechargeable Water Gun Tool Pump 110-240V 250W-350W
USD 250.0/pcs 250.0
Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 Infusion / IV Pump With Warranty Baxter Flo-Gard 6201 Infusion Pump Specifications Category: Infusion Pump Mounting / Use: Pole-Mounted Therapy Type: Large Volume Dimensions: 7.9″ x 5.1″ x 11.4″ Weight: 11.6 lb Rate Range: 0.1 – 1999 ml/hr Volume Range: 0.1 – 9999 ml JCAHO Free Flow Compliant (Yes/No) Yes Tubing Type: Standard Baxter Tubing Weight: 11.6 lb Power: 110-120V, 60 Hz
Specify the price USD 0 0
Trigger sprayer 28/410, 28/415
MND Tech
South Korea
USD 2.5 - 8.0/pcs
Minimum order from 20 FT container. The price may be reduced depending on the volume. On request, we can supply diapers from other manufacturers.
USD 4.88/pcs 4.88
Very nice and good quality...
USD 12.62 - 45.41/pcs
Replaceable cassette vest fusion is the next technology - 5 shaving blades, which replaced the Mach3 and Mach3 Turbo line. With the Fusion Series, the blades are even closer together to help reduce pressure for the best shaving experience. Unlike the Mach3 line, it has 5 more advanced blades, instead of 3.
HNT Miners
California,, United States of America
USD 250.0 - 300.0/pcs
Awair Element Indoor Air Sensor + PlanetWatch Miner New In Box
USD 8.0/pcs 8.0
Product Details Brand Name: Liming motorProduct Name: Shoe Shine MotorModel Number: YYPhase: Single-phaseAC Voltage: Custom madeFrequency: 50HzOutput Power: 1-30wProtect Feature: IP40Certification: CCC, CEColor: BlackHousing: Cold plate stretchingWire: All copper wireBearing: Ball bearingPlace of Origin: Shengzhou, Zhejiang, China Usage: Shoe Shine MotorName: Black Single-phase Shoes Cleaning Machine Motor
USD 4.57/L 4.57
In comparison with other manufacturers of chlorine-containing disinfectants, Unidez 500 has no analogues in Russia in terms of characteristics and has a colossal list of positive properties and a number of significant advantages. Possesses high antimicrobial activity, while it is absolutely safe for humans and animals, belongs to the IV class of low-hazard substances. And it fully fits the parameters established in the REGULATION OF THE HEADS OF THE DOCTOR of the Russian Federation dated 10.16.2020, No. 30 "MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS of sanitary standards in the entire transport infrastructure from 1.01.2022 (page 6)"; "Requirements for the implementation of preventive disinfection measures (table No. 57, page 92)". In terms of the content of impurities and salts, it is 2 times lower than that of competitors, which characterizes it as a cleaner disinfectant, which is classified as non-corrosive and weakly corrosive, and this significantly increases the service life of steam generators (HCT) and other equipment after treatment " Unidez 500 ".
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Crushed baby diapers. Defective production. Contain sorbent, cellulose, polypropylene.
Clean Expert
USD 0.41/pcs 0.41
Our company produces napkins, rags from natural materials for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, washing dishes and cleaning any surfaces. Our wipes do not cause allergic reactions, quickly and efficiently absorb liquid, do not leave streaks on the surface. It is very convenient to keep at home and in the car.
Specify the price USD 0 0
We produce lint-free nail wipes in Turkey. Our product is absolutely lint-free and has excellent absorbency. We only produce lint-free nail wipes for the cosmetic industry.  Lint free nail wipes %100 lint free Provides excellent performance Most absorbent wipe ever Quickly removes nail lacquer Ideal for cleasing nails Ideal for gel services Completely sanitary Better quality than cotton   1 Pack : 500 Pcs Wipes ( 5cm*5cm )   1 Box  : 20 Pack 
USD 0.76/pcs 0.76
The wipes are designed for delicate hand and body skin care. They perfectly cleanse, moisturize, and have an antibacterial effect. Does not contain alcohol and dyes, suitable for daily use by all family members.
USD 0.82/pcs 0.82
Specially designed for daily care of the delicate skin of babies, and thanks to the combination of chamomile extract and almond oil in the composition, they gently cleanse, moisturize and soften sensitive skin.
USD 0.61/pcs 0.61
The wipes are designed for daily hygiene of the skin of hands and body, as well as for treating various surfaces of objects. They provide reliable long-term protection against bacteria and some types of viruses, and have a moisturizing effect.
USD 0.09 - 0.2/pcs
weight of one bag 70-80 grams weight of one roll kg length and width of the bag 55cm-105cm weaving density 38x38 threads per 10cm polyethylene bag roll (1 ton) $ 1210 polyethylene bag 70g (1 piece) $ 0.085 polypropylene bag roll (1 ton) 2200 $ polypropylene bag 70g (1 piece) $ 0.165
Specify the price USD 0 0
gel gloves
USD 0.29 - 0.32/pairs
Gloves are medical, diagnostic, textured, single use, powder-free, non-sterile. Sizes S, M, L. The weight of the glove is 3.5-4.5 g. There is RU and a certificate for the food industry.
USD 0.74/m2 0.74
Ozbey Holding, we produce baby diapers, Sanitary pads and urological pads for men and women, Adult diapers and wet wipes since 2001 in Turkey. Our high quality products have a good market in Turkey domestic market. We have 45 dealers in 15 countries. different countries based on long term cooperation. I have attached some information about our products for your attention and would like to talk about them.
USD 185.21/pcs 185.21
Recirculator designed for air disinfection under Covid-19 conditions indoors, safe for people, plants and animals. Thanks to two 15-watt UV lamps, the model effectively disinfects indoor air up to 50 cubic meters. The convenient control unit allows you to select the appropriate room volume. Has a lamp operating timer. Available in 4 body colors: gray, white, yellow, lilac.
USD 7.55/pcs 7.55
Made in USA, odor remover, urine, fumes, smok, organic.
USD 28.0/pcs 28.0
Latex gloves with dusting. Suitable for use in the food industry. AQL 1.5. Packaging - 100 disposable gloves. Dimensional grid 7/8
"Asian Silk Way"
Москва, Russia
Specify the price USD 0 0
Products for the production of aroma diffusers. Bottles, jars and various containers, sticks, labels. Minimum wholesale from 300. Delivery time 25-30 days. Favorable prices!
Specify the price USD 0 0
Panty diapers for adults. Affordable prices, quality of the European standard
USD 1.65/pcs 1.65
Spunbond Charlotte Hat, packed in a plastic bag, 100 pcs.
USD 0.3/pcs 0.3
A respirator is a practical personal protective equipment. Several layers purify the inhaled air and effectively protect the respiratory tract from infection for up to 8 hours. The mask has a flexible "brace" to fix on the nose and ensure maximum fit. The special design ensures a snug fit of the mask to the face. Protection class FFP2 / KN95 (minimum filtration efficiency> 94%) 5 filter layers, based on non-woven fabric and high-tech Meltblown filter fabric The large surface of the filter material helps to clean the air. The materials that come into contact with the skin are hygienic. The mask is made of hypoallergenic material - elastic polyurethane (durable, lightweight, sealed and easy to stretch material). Respirator universal KN95 with valve. High efficient filtration, large 3D space, higher density. Comfortable and adjustable 3D nose bridge fitting design: effectively block air pollution from both sides of the bridge of the nose. There is a Certificate of Conformity
USD 0.26 - 1.07/pcs
Half masks with and without valve A disposable filtering half mask of the PFO series (hereinafter referred to as a half mask) with an exhalation valve and without an exhalation valve is a means of individual protection of the human respiratory system and is designed to protect the human respiratory system from solid and liquid aerosols (dust, smoke and fog), in including from infections transmitted by airborne droplets. The half mask is intended for use in industry (mechanical processing of metals, paints and varnishes, etc.), construction (cutting stones, paints and varnishes, etc.), agriculture (spraying water-based fertilizers and pesticides, waste sorting, etc.). ), as well as in household services / population. The half mask is designed for one-time (one-time) use during one shift (no more than 8 hours)
USD 1.0/pcs 1.0
Our company has the opportunity to supply your esteemed enterprise Vinly-Iz Gloves Gloves of a new generation with the following quality parameters:   Volume: Truck max 24 tons Price: CFR Moscow 3.5 $ / 100pcs (1box)   Payment terms: 70% prepayment, 30% before shipment Delivery terms: By Truck 7-8 days . 1 truck fits 42,000 boxes of 100 pcs., In a large box 2,000 pcs. Timeframe: 25 days production + 8 days transportation Country of origin: Turkey   *** SGS inspection if necessary. We can cover these costs for the first delivery.   Used in any safe and sterile environment (cooking, cleaning, painting, home, hairdresser, hospital, hotel, workplaces, public transportation, etc.) Due to its flexibility, it completely licks your hand. Waterproof Does not sweat For single use only. Not sterile SML dimensions. It is recommended that you choose a suitable size for your hand.  
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Made by synthetic fibers PET and RAYON, After many special processing, Surface fiber smooth,Fiber is not easy to fall, Special surface pores can easily clean dirty dust Soft material will not cause scratches on the cleaning surface, High temperature resistant and anti-static.   Applies To: Dust-free environment equipment and tools Car paint laboratory Photoelectric plant semiconductor Circuit board special printing   Product Description: Items :  577-2425  nonwoven wiper Material : PET + Raylon Basic Weight : 40(±5)g/m2 Size : 24cm × 25cm x 60P Quantity : 45packet / carton Color : white
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Material Properties: 100% long fiber wood pulp manufacturing, Surface meticulous,Soft, tough, low dust, Strengthen the thickness, improve the adsorption of various liquids, One-time use of environmentally friendly materials without pollution.   Apply To: Furniture Various surfaces are clean Clean environment General tool maintenance, Car waxing Kitchen clean Glass   Product Description Items: 2350 paper towel Material: 100% Wood pulp Basic Weight: 65 (± 5) g / m2 Size: 19cm (± 1cm) × 30cm x 80M260 Quantity: 12Roll / carton
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Made by special wood pulp nonwovens + PE single coating, to achieve the effect of water impermeable, The paper surface is soft and has good water absorption, Can effectively keep the mattress clean.   Apply To: hospital treatment Beauty and Body Wound treatment Mattress isolation Physical therapy Pillow towel   Product Description: Product Name: Crony Antifouling Paper Pad Material: PE film bonding wood pulp Model: PE-M55 Unit: Roll Specifications: 55cm x 100M
USD 500.0/pcs 500.0
Material Properties: Made of synthetic fibers PET and RAYON, After many time special processing, With the most wear-resistant surface structure Surface fiber smooth, fiber is not easy to fall, Thick fabric, to provide better absorption The soft material does not scratches on the cleaning surface, High temperature and anti-static.   Application: Dust-free environment equipment and tools Car paint SMT equipment laboratory Photoelectric plant semiconductor Circuit board special printing   Specification: Items :  3309 super wipes Material : PET + Raylon Basic Weight : 65(±5)g/m2 Size : 24cm × 25cm x 100P Quantity : 8 box / case Color : white

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