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Оборудование для кордонных коробки тара и упаковки

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1. DF1600 Electromechanical roll for reels, 1 pc.
2. Vacuum and gimbal corrugated press, 1 pc.
3. The unit of longitudinal and transverse cutting, 1 pc.
4. Semi-automatic 3-color flexo printing line with a slotter and rotor YFQ2200, 1 pc.
5. Rulevochno-cutting machine with thin knives to create the shape of the boxes BFY2000, 1 pc.
6. Semi-automatic laminating machine DZF1300-E, 1 pc.
7. Automatic ribbing and cutting machine, 1 pc.
8. Semi-automatic gluing machine 2600, 1 pc.
8. Glue-spreading machine BJ2000, 1 pc.
10. Semi-automatic machine for gluing boxes ZXJ-2600, 1 pc.
11. Mini-slotter (grate) BL, 1 pc.
to be in Khabarovsk

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