We repair: Frequency converters
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We offer to repair electronic faulty equipment. Component repair of industrial electronics is a way to ensure the constant operability of equipment and free up additional funds for the modernization of production! Maintenance and diagnostics of frequency converters 1. Individual drive: Visual inspection and "pulling" the terminals. Purge the frequency converter. Revision of power conductors. Revision of the cooling systems of the inverter (stability of the fan, etc.). Checking the error log. Maintenance of reporting documentation on the work done. 2. Cabinet-type drives: Check cooling. Checking the inlet temperature. Checking the flow. Compliance with specification. Revision of cooling systems for electronic boards. Filter replacement / cleaning. Checking and "pulling" the input / output power contacts and terminals. Fan check. Checking connections and contacts. Warranty repair Warranty repair
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We repair: Frequency converters - 70930

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Tver industrial and repair group of companies, Tver
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