Foundry mini-plant for the production of linear fittings
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Foundry mini-plant for the production of linear fittings from non-ferrous scrap waste We produce a mini-foundry for the production of power line fittings, self-supporting insulated wire, cable and panel fittings by casting from non-ferrous scrap waste. Delivery set: reflective oven; crucible furnace; chill machine; chill molds (forms of products you need). The furnaces operate on any type of energy: low / high pressure gas, bottled gas (1 cylinder is enough for 15-20 hours of operation), electricity (30 kW / h during acceleration, no more than 15 kW in operating mode), diesel fuel, spent fuel, etc. etc. when installing the appropriate burner (to be discussed separately). Chillers can be: Single-position (open the shape to one side) for products without back corners. Two or more positional ones - opening up / down, etc. with complex forms. Power consumption 2.5 kW / h. This efficiency is achieved by the fact that the oven is turned on only when the mold is opened and closed. Kokili (casting molds) - molds are made on NB the entire series, NKK - the entire range, PA - the entire range, NZ 2-7, hardware clamps, cable fittings, etc. - the list is not limited.
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Foundry mini-plant for the production of linear fittings - 10838

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