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Insecticidal smoke checker "QUIET EVENING". (patent RU 2458506) Powerful fumigation agent for insect control indoors and outdoors. Pyrotechnic composition, weighing 130 gr. It emits a large amount of active substance in the form of smoke in a short time. In 5-6 minutes, it burns inside the checker without an open flame, without destroying the active substance. Out comes only insecticidal smoke without a strong odor. After use, there may be a slight smell of wax. Residual activity - up to 14 days. ACTIVE SUBSTANCE - "PERMETRIN 10%". Synthetic peretroid of plant origin with a long residual effect, a strong insecticide, non-toxic for warm-blooded animals (humans and pets). The substance settles in a thin invisible film even in hard-to-reach places, and destroys mosquitoes, ticks, midges, fleas and other insects. It has a sharp insecticidal effect on adults of mosquitoes and flies, a complex of midges (midges, horseflies, biting midges), cockroaches, bugs, fleas, moths, ants, rat mites. Provides reliable death of insects in the shortest possible time, depending on the species. Light processing of hard-to-reach places and objects without the participation of qualified personnel and technical means.
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Smoke bomb QUIET EVENING - 80711

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